I have posted some time ago my duplicate recipe of the LUSH King of the skin.


I believed – despite the bananas and avocado and oatmilk – it would work without preservatives, as LUSH claims…. and it really did for some time.


After around two months in the fridge, the mold started growing inside  – it appeared as darker spots.

Therefore – if you can – add the preservative!

I also found that although LUSH in many products claims not to use preservatives, very probably there are preservatives in their perfume ingredient.

How did I found that? You know their fresh masks – to be used within two weeks, because of no preservatives added?

Well, I kept the rest of mine in the fridge for MONTHS! And nothing happened to it!!!!!

Then I put it to my bathroom and it has been sitting there for months now. And guess what – NOTHING! No mold, no change of the color…. It smells still the same… this means there are probably no bacteria growing, and if, then very, very slowly.


I do not like to be told just a part of the truth – because there is absolutely no way it could survive this long if there were no preservatives.


LUSH should say – no added preservatives, but be aware, our perfumes do contain preservatives, that help to preserve our products.


PS: I have nothing against preservatives – I am OK with them, it is impossible to make water containing products without them going bad.

BUT – if someone tries to make an impression that preservatives are not needed in some of the products like these that it is simply false advertising.


What is your experience with LUSH products?

Did any of their products containing water or fresh fruits claimed without preservatives went bad – moldy, bacteria growing, smell changing?

Write me about it below in the comments!