In this post I show avocado hair conditioner recipe for dry hair.

In my previous post, I introduced the theory and the results of my experiment comparing Olivem 1000 and BTMS as two main emulsifiers for hair conditioners. 


It was this recipe I used in the experiment. 


My thin and bleached hair did not really appreciate the Olivem 1000 version  – see Making hair conditioner – what did I learn and a small experiment

I did like the version with BTMS, although next time, I might use half of the quantity of the oils.

Avocado hair conditioner recipe for dry hair


Inspired by Guacamole brillance pour cheveux secs and ternes.


Phase Ingredient % g oz
A – Avocado oil 20% 10 g  1 oz
A – Grapeseed oil 10% 5 g  0.5 oz
A BTMS (version 1) or Olivem 1000 (version 2 from the experiment) 6% 3 g  0.3 oz
B Distilled water 61%  30.5 g  3.05 oz
C – EO lemongrass 1.5%  0.75 g  0.075 oz
C – EO lime 0.5%  0.25 g  0.025 oz
C – Citric acid (Ph adjustment) 0.1%   0.05 g  0.005 oz
C Green mineral oxide (for color) 0.1%  0.05 g  0.005 oz
C Vitamine E 0.2%   0.1 g  0.01 oz
C – Preservative – I used a doubtful grapefruit seed extract 0.6%  0.3 g  0.03 oz


1)  Mix and heat phase A to 158°F (70°C)

2)  Heat phase B to 158°F (70°C)

3)  When both reach the desired temperature, pour A to B (I did not experience any difference if I pour B to A, but some people say it is necessary to do it A to B way – I am not sure why!)

4)  Stir well until emulsion takes place (it will be quite quick)

5) Wait until emulsion cools down (you can help yourself by placing the bowl in the cold water)

6) Add phase C – again, here some people prefer doing one by one, I usually prepare it in advance and mix it together. Then I stir it in slowly.


SIDE NOTE: I first did use double boiler so that I do not overheat, but then I found that using simple low-heat option on my ceramic stove works as well and is less messy


You can buy your BTMS at Amazon:


For those that do not have a special conditioner emulsifier to make your hair conditioner, do not worry!  You can still make your hair a very nice hair mask before washing! Although I do not think it will help detangling your hair, but it can certainly help nourish your hair.


I did use a doubtful grapefruit seed extract preservative. There is some evidence it does not work really and that it is being adultered by adding other preservatives in it. Maybe because of that or because of the essential oils, but both conditioners survived 3 weeks in my bathroom without changing color, smell or growing molds