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How to make resistant soap

How to make resistant soap, or hard doesn’t mean resistant!

…. As the title suggests, a hard soap does not necessarily mean a resistant soap. Hard soap means that your thumb does not leave a mark on it under substantial pressure. The soap is hard, well, almost like a stone! So what is a resistant soap? Resistant soap dissolves relatively slowly and even if Read more...

Test of food colorants in soap – part 2 – after 48 hours

Hello after a week, and sorry for being late with the results. Sadly, noone of you guessed, maybe it was too difficult. The photo on the right shows also the color bags.   And here is the image from previous post together with the correct answers. Of course, I also add a table with more detailed Read more...
Coconut OIl Differences

Coconut oil differences and use (not only) in soapmaking and cosmetics making

Virgin coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, 72deg, 92 deg coconut oil… … it might be pretty confusing, right? Which one to choose in SoapCalc? And why there is so many of them! In this post I tried to gather everything (almost everything, since I forget things…) important I know about coconut oil Read more...

Alembic for making essential oils and flower waters

I wanted this amazing distiller for a long time and I found it under the Christmas tree, yei! 🙂 It is called Alembic (al-ambic) and it is a distiller from copper. Do you know what I will be using it for? Correct! For plant waters and essential oil distillation 🙂 There are two types of distillation: Read more...

How (not) to dissolve xanthan gum (and other powders) – heureka!

I confess – having to use a powdery ingredient that gets readily lumpy in my formulations is a nightmare for me. Xanthan gum, guar gum, hyaluronic acid, allantoin…. you name it! Gums are worse, as they tend to swell, making it even more difficult to dissolve. The real horror starts when you try to Read more...
Manipulating essential oils

Essential oils and their power to damage plastic…

When we enter the world of essential oils through soap and cosmetics making, we usually bring some knowledge we gathered thanks to power point presentations circulating by email and “popular science” articles in many very non-scientific journals. This way we know that synthetic fragrances are “no” Read more...

Oil combinations I. – how to make soap recipe (or not)

I know that you are all enthusiastic to start soapmaking and make your own soap recipes. However, there are some rules that should be followed.   For those that do not know, there is a nice soap calculator that not only calculates the lye that is needed for saponification of the given oils, but Read more...

Where to find caustic soda – around the world?

middle Anywhere you live, wherever you go, be able to find your caustic soda, so that you never stop soaping 🙂   Since I left my home, I lived in three countries and every time I moved I had to resolve the enigma of where to find my caustic soda locally…   I start this post to gather information Read more...
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