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Orange blossom soothing hand cream

Jena left a comment at my Homemade cosmetics recipes page with a request of adding more recipes. Then I realized, it has been almost a year since I posted my last recipe, so here it is! A recipe for my favourite orange blossom soothing hand cream for (not only) dry hands! It contains shea butter Read more...

Review: All In Packaging – all you need to pack your cosmetics?

I get lots of emails asking where do I get my packaging. Recently, I was asked to make a review of packaging – this is my first time doing a review on demand on this particular blog. But don’t worry, it will be a honest one – this will always be my condition prior to accepting making one. I Read more...

6 principles of home experimenting

If you succumbed to this noble and challenging hobby of making soaps and cosmetics at home, you probably cannot avoid making some experiments ūüôā This is actually the very basics of this hobby, since you cannot all the time follow the recipes of others. There are three reasons for this: 1. Most of Read more...

Balm for atopic dermatitis for children

Time to time, I get asked to create some specific formula. This time, I was approached by a mother whose two children (one of them a few month old baby) suffer from atopic dermatitis. She wondered if I could make a cream for them, that would be non-irritating for their sensitive skin. I quickly Read more...

Simple home-made appliance for making hydrolates

My dear readers – no, I have not stopped blogging, I just had a break – I went for longer vacation and subsequently I found myself with a lot, a lot of work…Also, I wanted to answer all the questions you sent me by mail or in comments… I did many experiments and soaps in meantime, so I will be Read more...

Rose facial cream recipe – elixir of youth

I made this cream to celebrate spring and flowers and roses and … to have something light u put on my skin. The¬†cream is rose not only by colour, but it also contains rose flower water and – few drops of rose essential oil (1ml cost me 39 EUR, that’s why so few). Something so expensive must work Read more...

Cooling shaving gel recipe

Some time ago, I published a recipe on a shaving gel. In meantime, however, while I was experimenting with LUSH jelly, I discovered an even better consistency for shaving gel. My hubby tried it and loves it… or at least that is what he says:) Since it contains glycerine, the xanthan gum is easy to Read more...

Winter cream with moisturizing complex

Now this is the last winter cream I formulated. This time,  I wanted to make it moisturizing as well, so I added a moisturizing complex. Cold weather in general is pretty harsh on skin so I like to use as much as skin repairing oils as possible (argan, avocado, cherry seed, hemp oil) as well as Read more...

Lip gloss: testing eight recipes

It all started with one lip gloss I made. The question was – is this the best recipe? How can I know if I don’t try other… So I did some research in my books and online, plus I tried some modifications and tried two recipes I thought of myself. I tried 8 recipes. Most of them is based on lanolin, Read more...
Luxury chocolate whipped body butter

Luxury chocolate whipped body butter

Anna on her blog published a recipe for Chocolate mousse body butter.It’s been some time I made my last whipped butter and this recipe just made me want to make one again!   The original recipe is pure oils and butters, very natural.¬† Having for some time at my possesion a very interesting Read more...

Simple leave-in conditioner recipe

I always thought that leave-in conditioner was nothing to be used on my thin and easy to grease hair. Then I was asked by a friend to make one for her curly hair and my opinion changed…..   As usual, when I try to make some very new product, I first went searching to Susan’s blog for advice. There Read more...
LUSH shower jelly recipe

How to make shower jelly (not only LUSH-like)

I have been receiving requests from you to post a recipe on LUSH shower jellies. I did my usual “recipe cracking”, searching for resources, then some experimenting and this is what I came up with (… and I consider it pretty good!)… As usually, I discuss here some concepts and also show you not only Read more...

How (not) to dissolve xanthan gum (and other powders) – heureka!

I confess – having to use a powdery ingredient that gets readily lumpy in my formulations is a nightmare for me. Xanthan gum, guar gum, hyaluronic acid, allantoin…. you name it! Gums are worse, as they tend to swell, making it even more difficult to dissolve. The real horror starts when you try to Read more...

Lavender hair conditioner

My vert first attempt of hair conditioner (coconut hair conditioner) was rather a dissapointment, because,¬†as I found later in my experiment,¬† I did not have the right ingredients, : e.g. BTMS or Conditioner emulsifier.   I made this particular hair conditioner for a friend with dry but thin Read more...
heat your ingredients

Where to heat your ingredients

I was asked by Melanie, where I “bought the white and green little melter” from the picture in my post Glyceryl stearate ‚Äď home made emulsifier. It is the pot on the photo and I use it for heating/melting my ingredients. I bought it from Aroma zone. However, although the design seems unique, it is Read more...
Homemade shaving gel

Homemade shaving gel recipe

Making homemade shaving gel was was one of the most interesting and difficult tasks so far I had. Soap was not an option, since my fiancee doesn’t like it for shaving and I was supposed to formulate something that would compete with the typical shaving gels which are foaming once applied. I tried Read more...

Honey bee – LUSH like bath bomb

Another bath bomb inspired by LUSH… It smells heavenly honey like and contains rhassoul clay. Recipe (for 3 bath bombs 7cm diameter) 340g baking soda 170g citric acid ¬† 18g rhassoul ¬† ¬† 8g honey ¬† ¬† 6g aloe vera juice ¬† ¬† 1ml yellow food colouring ¬† ¬† 2g¬†Red orange¬†EO ¬† ¬† 2g¬† Green margarine (or Read more...

How to make mascara at home

In my previous post why I do not use waterproof mascara, I already mentioned I am using a mascara I make at home. However, making mascara at home is not that trivial and although online you may find loads of recipes, majority of those simply does not work well, because they do not follow basic Read more...

Why I do not use waterproof mascara

If I was about to choose only one “make-up”¬† to use until the end of my days, I would probably hesitate between foundation cream and mascara. The final winner, however, would be mascara – I can still hope that my skin will be one day without imperfections, while my lashes won’t probably grow longer Read more...
Hair structure

Soap as a shampoo?

There are people that say it is perfect. Others say: Soap as shampoo? Never ever again! So who is right? And can we easily tell? I have some personal experience, but I wanted to gather as much information as I could on the subject… and I share all I know so far with you…   It is very attractive – Read more...
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