Rose facial cream recipe – elixir of youth

I made this cream to celebrate spring and flowers and roses and … to have something light u put on my skin. The cream is rose not only by colour, but it also contains rose flower water and – few drops of rose essential oil (1ml cost me 39 EUR, that’s why so few). Something so expensive must work Read more...

Cooling shaving gel recipe

Some time ago, I published a recipe on a shaving gel. In meantime, however, while I was experimenting with LUSH jelly, I discovered an even better consistency for shaving gel. My hubby tried it and loves it… or at least that is what he says:) Since it contains glycerine, the xanthan gum is easy to Read more...

Winter cream with moisturizing complex

Now this is the last winter cream I formulated. This time,  I wanted to make it moisturizing as well, so I added a moisturizing complex. Cold weather in general is pretty harsh on skin so I like to use as much as skin repairing oils as possible (argan, avocado, cherry seed, hemp oil) as well as Read more...

Lip gloss: testing eight recipes

It all started with one lip gloss I made. The question was – is this the best recipe? How can I know if I don’t try other… So I did some research in my books and online, plus I tried some modifications and tried two recipes I thought of myself. I tried 8 recipes. Most of them is based on lanolin, Read more...

Homemade shaving gel recipe

Making homemade shaving gel was was one of the most interesting and difficult tasks so far I had. Soap was not an option, since my fiancee doesn’t like it for shaving and I was supposed to formulate something that would compete with the typical shaving gels which are foaming once applied. I tried Read more...

Does your anti-wrinkle cream really work?

How many anti-wrinkle creams have you tried? And how many of them really work for you? And if you think they do, do they really, or it is a wishful thinking?   Ok, why a post about this…   Lately I have been given a sample of a serum that according to claims dramatically reduces the appearance of Read more...
Avocado winter facial cream recipe with lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers

Homemade winter facial cream recipe with avocado and macadamia oil – lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers

The winter is behind the door, the weather is rainy, windy and cold. A real challenge for our skin. Soon, there will be snow and we will go skiing and there will be a lot of sun. One more reason to make a protective winter facial cream.   How to design a winter facial cream?   A protective facial Read more...
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