How to make shower jelly (not only LUSH-like)

I have been receiving requests from you to post a recipe on LUSH shower jellies. I did my usual “recipe cracking”, searching for resources, then some experimenting and this is what I came up with (… and I consider it pretty good!)… As usually, I discuss here some concepts and also show you not only Read more...

Honey bee – LUSH like bath bomb

Another bath bomb inspired by LUSH… It smells heavenly honey like and contains rhassoul clay. Recipe (for 3 bath bombs 7cm diameter) 340g baking soda 170g citric acid   18g rhassoul     8g honey     6g aloe vera juice     1ml yellow food colouring     2g Red orange EO     2g  Green margarine (or Read more...

My LUSH FUN duplicate

I was asked by one of you if I could make a duplicate of LUSH FUN.   For those who do not know what I am talking about – to cite LUSH – it is a “multi-purpose moldable soap”. Simply, it is kind of a play dough that foams. Ideal for children in bath 🙂   Technically it is not soap. As I will show Read more...

About LUSH cosmetics and its claims of not using preservatives

 I have posted some time ago my duplicate recipe of the LUSH King of the skin.   I believed – despite the bananas and avocado and oatmilk – it would work without preservatives, as LUSH claims…. and it really did for some time.   After around two months in the fridge, the mold started growing Read more...

Avobath – LUSH bath bomb duplicate recipe

In this post, I show my duplicate recipe of the Avobath – favorite LUSH bath bomb and my method to crack the recipe.   The recipe for LUSH bath bomb was easy to duplicate and I like the result!   I first show my recipe and below – for those that are interested – I explain how I cracked the Read more...
Soft coeur duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe

Soft coeur – duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe

In this post, I will show you how to make a similar version of the favorite LUSH massage bar. The Lush Soft Coeur is made of cocoa butter base with a chocolate center from honey, glycerine and cocoa powder.   I immediately felt in love with it – the combination of vanilla, strawberry, red orange Read more...

King of the skin – LUSH solid body conditioner – duplicate recipe

In this post, I show my duplicate recipe of the King of the skin – favorite LUSH solid body conditioner and my method to crack the recipe.   I love solid body conditioners and yes, I do really admire LUSH, although I do not agree with their incredibly high prices. Being a home-made cosmetics and Read more...
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