Soapmaker’s wishlist for Christmas – what to buy your beloved one!

Dear friends, lovers and family members of the soapmakers! You know, having this exciting soapmaking hobby indeed becomes very expensive at one point. All of us dream of many ingredients or tools that we just cannot afford all year long (or there is just not enough time to buy them). Christmas or Read more...
How to make resistant soap

How to make resistant soap, or hard doesn’t mean resistant!

…. As the title suggests, a hard soap does not necessarily mean a resistant soap. Hard soap means that your thumb does not leave a mark on it under substantial pressure. The soap is hard, well, almost like a stone! So what is a resistant soap? Resistant soap dissolves relatively slowly and even if Read more...
soaps made in 6 hours

How to make and cut CP soap in 6 hours

What a dream of each soapmaker 🙂 … do you think it is impossible? I thought the same… or at least, I did not really think about it as a possibility… until I had to find a way. Here is the story… In November 2014 I decided to start soapmaking classes in response to demands of my blog Read more...

6 principles of home experimenting

If you succumbed to this noble and challenging hobby of making soaps and cosmetics at home, you probably cannot avoid making some experiments 🙂 This is actually the very basics of this hobby, since you cannot all the time follow the recipes of others. There are three reasons for this: 1. Most of Read more...
Goats milk soap

Goat milk soap recipe – and why it is hard to keep it white

Who wouldn’t know the benefits of goats milk – so why destroying it by adding it to soap? The question can be asked also from the other point of view: why not to enhance soap by adding some goat milk? A lot of people love goat milk soap, claiming that it is the best for problematic and sensitive Read more...

Test of food colorants in soap – part 2 – after 48 hours

Hello after a week, and sorry for being late with the results. Sadly, noone of you guessed, maybe it was too difficult. The photo on the right shows also the color bags.   And here is the image from previous post together with the correct answers. Of course, I also add a table with more detailed Read more...

Test of food colorants in soap – part 1

lt is not difficult to color soap. But to color it exactly the way we want is an art! There is a lot of colors that can be used, but not all are stable under alkaline conditions of soap. Here I tried 6 food colorants in soap – it is a very nice example of how pH affects colors. Let’s start… I Read more...
Coconut OIl Differences

Coconut oil differences and use (not only) in soapmaking and cosmetics making

Virgin coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, 72deg, 92 deg coconut oil… … it might be pretty confusing, right? Which one to choose in SoapCalc? And why there is so many of them! In this post I tried to gather everything (almost everything, since I forget things…) important I know about coconut oil Read more...

Odors neutralizing emollient coffee soap in juice box

Soap type: bar soap Method: CPOP Another soap I made some time ago. It was also my first time I tried to use juice soap box for mold, as well as coffee grounds. I wanted to make odors neutralizing soap – especially good to be used in kitchen or after cleaning or gardening. I was inspired by a Read more...

Oatmeal whey and honey soap

. Monica asked me in a comment to my Yogurt lemon soap for fresh morning: What about using whey left after making cheese as a substitute for yoghurt? And done through hot process method. I immediately thought about two things: I already did a whey soap, I loved it – and should definitely share the Read more...
Rosehip soap

Rose hip soap

Type of soap: bar soap Mold: wooden log I got an extra positive review on this rose hip soap! It foams very well, but needs to be cured for some time to gain the hardness. In this post, you will also learn How a gel phase looks like What is the difference in pH between gelled and un-gelled soap 24 Read more...
Balsam amber design soap

Balsam amber design soap

Last Sunday I had a soapmaking day! 🙂 I wanted to make some design soap, so I thought of : – the scent – colours – what design should I make!   I was thinking of the Balsam Amber Fragrance oil (from, right now, as I just found out, they have it at 70% discount! – they did not pay Read more...
Lemon yogurt soap

Lemon yogurt soap for fresh morning – 100% olive oil variant

A year ago I made Lemon yogurt soap for fresh morning! … I love to make it often as this soap is just perfect and it seems a lot of people like it, so I decided to make it for Christmas 🙂 As you know, I am having a period of 100% olive oil soapmaking, so I did this soap only with olive oil and it Read more...
Lavender milk 100% olive oil soap

Lavender milk 100% olive oil soap

Lately, I have been out of many soapmaking oils, except for olive oil :). So I got to play around with 100% olive oil soaps and started to really like it! 100% olive oil soap can be tricky, as I already discussed in one of my previous posts – it is soooo lazy to trace, to gel, to cure and to foam, Read more...

Curious Soapmaker selected in top 50 best soapmaking blogs!

Just learned that my blog is listed in the selection of Nature Garden’s top 50 best soapmaking blogs, yei!!! 🙂 How cool is that 🙂 It makes me smile today and inspires me to write more and spend even more time making experiments. Now I have the responsibility to keep this blog alive, informative and Read more...
Herbal soap with bamboo impression

Herbal soap with bamboo impression

  Method: Cold process Mold: Old drawer lined up with plastic sheet and silicone sheet with bamboo pattern It’s been a while since I did not soap and so last Sunday I spent my afternoon soaping! I realized that I have never made a herbal soap and at the same time I was dying to try my new Read more...
Wedding soap

My wedding soap favors

Last weekend I got married….! 🙂 And what was my wedding favor? That is correct, the wedding soap! I am not much of a soap designer, but here tried to do my best… Recipe I prepared the red spirals at the very beginning. I made them from a soap with red clay with ylang-ylang I have made some time Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – after 15 months

Yes, finally 🙂 Those of you who have been waiting for the results of the big test of 100% one oil soaps… here it is!   Actually, it has been more than a year since I made the soaps, but I was extremely busy moving to another country, preparing my wedding (soon…) and having holidays 🙂   You might Read more...
Soap Making Made Easy

E-Book review: Soap Making Made Easy

Do you remember one of my last posts on soapmaking E-books? And that I will let you know once I find something interesting? Now I did, but first, let me tell you a story. Some time ago, I ordered online an e-book, claimed to be “The complete guide” on hot soapmaking, with many bonuses, only for Read more...
Olive oil cocoa soap

100% olive oil soap with cocoa and golden mica decoration

I hope you enjoy the summer and that now you have even more time to soap 🙂 I did not forget you, but as usual… no time to write. However, I do still make experiments and today I share with you the very latest one, where I tried golden mica pattern on my 100% cocoa soap 🙂 Not long time ago I got Read more...
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