Making natural soap

Making natural soap from scratch I. – Necessary ingredients, basic steps and methods

While I have been posting on some elaborate methods like liquid or transparent soapmaking, I did not cover the basics! Making natural soap from scratch (means from lye and oils) is more elaborate than just melt&pour or rebatching (see my post on How to make soap – 3 basic methods) But, it is also Read more...

Red argile clay rose facial soap

This is a soap that has a lot of success between my friends and colleagues. It is supposed to be good for face cleansing, because it contains red clay (argile), which is a recommended for cleansing of sensitive skin. I am not saying that facial soap should contain red argile. Honestly, I am not Read more...
How to make soap rose

Olive oil soap with grapefruit or how to make soap roses

Few weeks ago, when I posted my thoughts about the 100% olive oil soap, suddenly I got an urge to make one 🙂 I added salt to make it harder (in other words – less slimy when used) and 10% of castor oil for bubbles (ok, this makes it 90% olive oil soap…) And for the first time, I tried to make soap Read more...

Soap with E-books!

I love real books, I really do! But I cannot bring them all with me when traveling and it is almost the only time I can read… E-books are easy to carry and seem much cheaper! E-books have been on the market for quite some time so indeed I knew there are some soapmaking and cosmetics making books Read more...
How to calculate superfat

How to calculate the hot process superfat

In my previous post I discussed an important difference between superfat and lye discount. You might want to read it first, as I explain there why in hot process (HP) and only in hot process, the calculation of the superfat should be based on the saponification values and not on the percentage of Read more...
100% Olive oil soap

Making 100% olive oil soap – tips, tricks and why it should be avoided by beginners

If you like the idea of 100% olive oil soap and think that the simplicity of the recipe makes it an ideal soap for beginners, I have some bad news for you – you better avoid it before you gather enough experience… Why? If you are a total beginner, you probably wish 3 things: to create a soap that Read more...
Easter Egg Soaps

Easter ideas: How to make egg-shaped soap

Easter it close and brings a challenge to each soapmaker:  how to make an egg-shaped soap? Some two years ago, I amused myself making soap eggs from melt and pour soap base I have made from scratch [the link is in Slovak only, sorry]. I used some plastic eggs for the purpose and found it rather Read more...
Superfat vs lye discount

Superfat vs. lye discount – the difference to know

What is the difference between applying lye discount and superfatting your soap? And should we care? Grab a cup of coffee or a hot tea, or whatever beverage you prefer, take a short pause and sit down comfortably. I will show you, that the difference can become quite important and that we should Read more...

Oil combinations I. – how to make soap recipe (or not)

I know that you are all enthusiastic to start soapmaking and make your own soap recipes. However, there are some rules that should be followed.   For those that do not know, there is a nice soap calculator that not only calculates the lye that is needed for saponification of the given oils, but Read more...

Saponified 35% whipping cream

This is first of my crazy soapy experiments I started a few weeks ago… I decided to see, what happens, if I simply saponify the whipping cream – nothing else!   I guess I had this idea somewhere between trying to find a recipe for normal people that just want to start soapmaking without having to Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – part II – foaming test after 2 weeks

My experiment with 100% one oil soaps continued.  After 2 weeks I examined the hardness of soaps and how do they foam. I also tested for Ph. I tried my one oil soaps also after 4 weeks and the results were the same. Concerning the fragrance, all soaps have lost their odor of the oil, except cocoa Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – part I

Formulating your own soap recipe can be tricky. There are some nice tools estimating the final soap characteristics like hardness, conditioning, bubliness, creaminess of lather like for example soapcalc.   But getting the real feel of it is an experience.   And while this estimate gives you an Read more...

Where to find caustic soda – around the world?

middle Anywhere you live, wherever you go, be able to find your caustic soda, so that you never stop soaping 🙂   Since I left my home, I lived in three countries and every time I moved I had to resolve the enigma of where to find my caustic soda locally…   I start this post to gather information Read more...

How to wrap your soap

Christmas is knocking on the door, how do you wrap your soap? Let me share with you some soap wrapping ideas I gathered across the internet…   Usually, I wrap my soap first in a cellophane to prevent the fragrance evaporation. However, I make small holes in it so that: the water can evaporate Read more...
Lavender soap

Lavender soap with hanger swirl

There are hundreds of lavender soap recipes around. I know…   Well, here is mine, palm-free recipe and I am quite proud of it 🙂   I tried here a hanger swirl – watch the video to see the technique.   I have made only three layers – blue – white – blue and used a spoon, much like in the video Read more...
Coconut soap snowball recipe

Coconut soap snowballs – like Raffaello! :)

Last weekend I was having fun. Winter is here and I had this idea of making all coconut soap – I designed the recipe to contain: coconut oil coconut milk coconut scent And poured it in hemispheric shaped silicone molds (looks like half-snowball – my molds look exactly like World Cuisine Non-Stick Read more...
Lemon yogurt soap recipe

Lemon yogurt soap for fresh morning!

Do you want to know what happens with yogurt in soap? And does yogurt soap need to be refrigerated? How does this affect the soap color? Read my experience below!   In one of my favorite books about soapmaking: “Milk Soapmaking” by Anne L. Watson, one recipe drew my attention: Yoghurt Parfait Read more...
Milky Way Molds beehive plastic mold

How to make a silicone rubber soap mold from your plastic mold

In this post I explain in detail how to make a silicone rubber soap mold from a plastic soap mold.   It’s no magic, but it is definitely fun 🙂   Why to make a silicone rubber soap mold from your plastic soap mold?   Because some soaps that are made of mainly unsaturated oils are very difficult to Read more...
Cold process or hot process soap

Cold process vs hot process, which method to choose?

Cold process vs hot process… at some point, each soapmaker asks which one is better or when they should be used.   But before I give you some arguments, I will explain these two techniques a bit more in detail – it is crucial for understanding their advantages and disadvantages.   If you are a Read more...

How to make soap – 3 basic methods

When it comes to the question how to make soap at home, you can be recommended one of the 3 basic methods, depending on the type of soapmaker you ask…   Only one of the methods describes how to make soap from scratch  – this means from the most basic ingredients by a reaction called saponification Read more...
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