My soap experiments

Test of food colorants in soap – part 2 – after 48 hours

Hello after a week, and sorry for being late with the results. Sadly, noone of you guessed, maybe it was too difficult. The photo on the right shows also the color bags.   And here is the image from previous post together with the correct answers. Of course, I also add a table with more detailed Read more...

Test of food colorants in soap – part 1

lt is not difficult to color soap. But to color it exactly the way we want is an art! There is a lot of colors that can be used, but not all are stable under alkaline conditions of soap. Here I tried 6 food colorants in soap – it is a very nice example of how pH affects colors. Let’s start… I Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – after 15 months

Yes, finally 🙂 Those of you who have been waiting for the results of the big test of 100% one oil soaps… here it is!   Actually, it has been more than a year since I made the soaps, but I was extremely busy moving to another country, preparing my wedding (soon…) and having holidays 🙂   You might Read more...

Saponified 35% whipping cream

This is first of my crazy soapy experiments I started a few weeks ago… I decided to see, what happens, if I simply saponify the whipping cream – nothing else!   I guess I had this idea somewhere between trying to find a recipe for normal people that just want to start soapmaking without having to Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – part II – foaming test after 2 weeks

My experiment with 100% one oil soaps continued.  After 2 weeks I examined the hardness of soaps and how do they foam. I also tested for Ph. I tried my one oil soaps also after 4 weeks and the results were the same. Concerning the fragrance, all soaps have lost their odor of the oil, except cocoa Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – part I

Formulating your own soap recipe can be tricky. There are some nice tools estimating the final soap characteristics like hardness, conditioning, bubliness, creaminess of lather like for example soapcalc.   But getting the real feel of it is an experience.   And while this estimate gives you an Read more...
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