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How to make resistant soap

How to make resistant soap, or hard doesn’t mean resistant!

…. As the title suggests, a hard soap does not necessarily mean a resistant soap. Hard soap means that your thumb does not leave a mark on it under substantial pressure. The soap is hard, well, almost like a stone! So what is a resistant soap? Resistant soap dissolves relatively slowly and even if Read more...
soaps made in 6 hours

How to make and cut CP soap in 6 hours

What a dream of each soapmaker 🙂 … do you think it is impossible? I thought the same… or at least, I did not really think about it as a possibility… until I had to find a way. Here is the story… In November 2014 I decided to start soapmaking classes in response to demands of my blog Read more...

6 principles of home experimenting

If you succumbed to this noble and challenging hobby of making soaps and cosmetics at home, you probably cannot avoid making some experiments 🙂 This is actually the very basics of this hobby, since you cannot all the time follow the recipes of others. There are three reasons for this: 1. Most of Read more...
Olive oil cocoa soap

100% olive oil soap with cocoa and golden mica decoration

I hope you enjoy the summer and that now you have even more time to soap 🙂 I did not forget you, but as usual… no time to write. However, I do still make experiments and today I share with you the very latest one, where I tried golden mica pattern on my 100% cocoa soap 🙂 Not long time ago I got Read more...
How to make soap rose

Olive oil soap with grapefruit or how to make soap roses

Few weeks ago, when I posted my thoughts about the 100% olive oil soap, suddenly I got an urge to make one 🙂 I added salt to make it harder (in other words – less slimy when used) and 10% of castor oil for bubbles (ok, this makes it 90% olive oil soap…) And for the first time, I tried to make soap Read more...
100% Olive oil soap

Making 100% olive oil soap – tips, tricks and why it should be avoided by beginners

If you like the idea of 100% olive oil soap and think that the simplicity of the recipe makes it an ideal soap for beginners, I have some bad news for you – you better avoid it before you gather enough experience… Why? If you are a total beginner, you probably wish 3 things: to create a soap that Read more...

How to wrap your soap

Christmas is knocking on the door, how do you wrap your soap? Let me share with you some soap wrapping ideas I gathered across the internet…   Usually, I wrap my soap first in a cellophane to prevent the fragrance evaporation. However, I make small holes in it so that: the water can evaporate Read more...
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