Embedded soap stamps and letter cookie press set review

Dear fellow soapmakers, I decided to start a series of videos where I will share with you my experience with soapmaking supplies and tools I order as well as direct links to where to buy them. I have also set up my personalized amazon.com and amazon.co.uk stores, where I handpick for you the Read more...

Simple home-made appliance for making hydrolates

My dear readers – no, I have not stopped blogging, I just had a break – I went for longer vacation and subsequently I found myself with a lot, a lot of work…Also, I wanted to answer all the questions you sent me by mail or in comments… I did many experiments and soaps in meantime, so I will be Read more...

Versatile blogger award and my nominations

I got very good news few days ago ­čÖé I was pleased and honored to find out that Silvia from Soapjam , nominated my blog for┬áversatile blogger award! I didn’t know what it is, but now I do and here I share with you the rules of the nominations and who do I nominate ­čÖé The rules (copy from Vklersatile Read more...

Merry Christmas and Happy soapmaking New Year 2014!


Simple leave-in conditioner recipe

I always thought that leave-in conditioner was nothing to be used on my thin and easy to grease hair. Then I was asked by a friend to make one for her curly hair and my opinion changed…..   As usual, when I try to make some very new product, I first went searching to Susan’s blog for advice. There Read more...
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