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  • Irina
    #1 written by Irina 6 years ago

    Dear Evik, i desperately need your help, please help me!
    I have spent all night trying to make the jelly soap, but i simply could not.
    Do i need to pour the whole amount of glycerin to carrageenan (this what i was doing) then, heat the H2O and pour carrageenan to hot H2O? I even tried to make just water, glycerin, carrageenan, but nothing works! My jelly sort of breaks into small something, like very small “grains”, the other time it turned into a separated layers of rubber, i can only manage to stir it a bit, but it sets instantly, being not dissolve properly and i cannot add anything to jelly, and so on… what i am doing wrong? could this be bad carrageenan? What else carrigrennan cannot tolerate apart from soap?
    Oh, i will really-really appreciate your help here,i cannot afford to throw away my ingredients any longer. Please help!
    Kindest regards and thank you very much, Irina

    • evik
      #2 written by evik 6 years ago

      Hi Irina, sorry, I only read your post now. You should be pouring water to carrageenan, not vice versa. However – if you say you want to do jelly soap, do you use liquid soap, or what kind of soap? Which recipe you follow?

  • Victor
    #3 written by Victor 6 years ago

    Hi Evik,

    I was very tired around the world with google to find the secret of making transparent soap .. I am sure you are more experienced than me .. would you share the secret to me??

    • evik
      #4 written by evik 6 years ago

      Hi Victor, not sure what you mean by “the secret”, but did you have a look at my transparent soap recipe on the blog? Evik

  • Daisy
    #5 written by Daisy 6 years ago

    Hello Evik. I love your blog which all experiment on soap-making. Would you mind I link you blog to my blog? Thanks.

    • evik
      #6 written by evik 6 years ago

      Hi Daisy, of course not, please, do so! Evik

  • soulshine
    #7 written by soulshine 5 years ago

    Just tried making cold process soap for the second time. First time I stirred and stirred manually to reach trace. My soap turned out great. This time I used a bullet hand mixer and reached trace quick and by the time I was ready to pour it into my mold it was pretty thick, beyond pouring. Is this bad?

    • evik
      #8 written by evik 5 years ago

      Hi Soulshine, no, it is not bad, unless it separated, which would look like soap soaking in water. It is just a question of aesthetics – your spooned into moulds soap might not be that pretty due to air pockets and bubbles.

  • Shekoofeh
    #9 written by Shekoofeh 3 years ago

    This recipe its very good but in my country we cant use alcohol its forbiden what can i use instead of alcohol that my soap base will be transparent please answer to me thanks alot

  • Argentorum
    #10 written by Argentorum 2 years ago

    Hey Evik !
    First of all your videos are very cool !!
    I had one question for you. I have to make soap of peanuts for a big work for chemistry. I think you have to use lye and peanut oil but I don’t know exactly how to use them. Do I have to put anything else in my soap ? Do I have to warm it up ? Thanks for your answer !!

  • Elizabeth
    #11 written by Elizabeth 2 years ago

    Hi – do you have the recipe on how to make clear melt and pour soap base? THANKS

  • paco
    #12 written by paco 1 year ago

    can you post the mono version of this experiment you wrote on the comments section?

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