Homemade cosmetics recipes

This is a gallery of the homemade cosmetics recipes I have made, organized to categories according to the body part of usage.

Because many of you are searching for homemade cosmetics recipes without emulsifiers (or with very natural emulsifiers, such as beeswax or lecithin), I added information on the type of emulsifier needed.

Olivem 1000 is accepted as natural emulifier.

The recipes list expands with time, so check regularly, if new recipes were added, or just subscribe to my newsletter.

For body

Soft coeur duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe Cocoa butter massage bar recipe

Soft coeur – LUSH like massage bar recipe

No emulsifier

Solid body conditioner  - King of the skin – LUSH-like recipe

No emulsifier

Massage body candle

 LUSH shower jelly P1050675

Cinnamon-orange-vanille body massage candle

No emulsifier

 How to make shower jelly (not only LUSH-like)(carrageenan gum) Luxury chocolate whipped body butterNo emulsifier

For bath

Lavender-lemon-bath-salt Honey-bee-LUSH-bath-bomb

Avobath LUSH bath bomb duplicate recipe

No emulsifier

Lavender-lemon bath salt

No emulsifier

Honey bee – LUSH like bath bomb

No emulsifier


Cleopatra’s milk & rose bath + bath bomb with surprise

No emulsifier


Natural stick deodorant

No emulsifier

For face

Avocado winter facial cream recipe with lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers WinterCreamWithMoisturizingComplex
Winter facial cream
Lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers

Winter cream with moisturizing complex Sorbitan olivate as emulsifier

For hands

Marigold hand protection cream
Lecithin and beeswax as emulsifier

For hair

IMGP0101Leave-in conditioner recipe
Emulsifier Olivem
Emulsifier Olivem or BTMS
BTMS, Conditioner emulsifier
LavenderHairConditioner IMGP0101
BTMS, Conditioner emulsifier


Homemade shaving gel

Homemade shaving gel recipe

Emulsifier Xanthan Gum

Natural make-up

how-to-make-mascara LipGloss

How to make mascara at home

Emulsifiers: Arabic gum, Emulsifier wax no.3, candelila wax

 Lip gloss: Testing 8 recipes
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  • Simone Woods
    #1 written by Simone Woods 3 months ago

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your and soap making adventures. You have inspired me and I’m going to try making some myself!

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