How to wrap your soap

Christmas is knocking on the door, how do you wrap your soap? Let me share with you some soap wrapping ideas I gathered across the internet…   Usually, I wrap my soap first in a cellophane to prevent the fragrance evaporation. However, I make small holes in it so that: the water can evaporate Read more...

Does your anti-wrinkle cream really work?

How many anti-wrinkle creams have you tried? And how many of them really work for you? And if you think they do, do they really, or it is a wishful thinking?   Ok, why a post about this…   Lately I have been given a sample of a serum that according to claims dramatically reduces the appearance of Read more...
Lavender soap

Lavender soap with hanger swirl

There are hundreds of lavender soap recipes around. I know…   Well, here is mine, palm-free recipe and I am quite proud of it 🙂   I tried here a hanger swirl – watch the video to see the technique.   I have made only three layers – blue – white – blue and used a spoon, much like in the video Read more...

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products – a detailed book review

    If you want a book that will push you to really start making your own natural beauty and bath & body products, including mineral makeup, than this is the book you need!   CLICK HERE TO BUY THROUGH AMAZON.   However, it does not go into details on why the recipes contain exactly those Read more...
Massage body candle

Cinnamon-orange-vanilla body massage candle – Christmas gift recipe

Melts into a soothing body balm suitable for skin care or as sensual massage oil…   …so much for the advertisement of the recipe 🙂   Body massage candle is different than other candles. Apart of burning, giving thus light and nice scent, the candle itself can be used on its own.   I wanted to make Read more...
Natural air freshener recipe

Homemade natural air freshener

I have been using this homemade natural air freshener for a while and am very happy with it. I keep it in my toilet and it is really efficient! I had this idea of making my own natural air freshener when I used up the one I had. Screening the ingredient list, I could read:   more than 30% of Read more...
Coconut soap snowball recipe

Coconut soap snowballs – like Raffaello! :)

Last weekend I was having fun. Winter is here and I had this idea of making all coconut soap – I designed the recipe to contain: coconut oil coconut milk coconut scent And poured it in hemispheric shaped silicone molds (looks like half-snowball – my molds look exactly like World Cuisine Non-Stick Read more...
Avocado winter facial cream recipe with lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers

Homemade winter facial cream recipe with avocado and macadamia oil – lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers

The winter is behind the door, the weather is rainy, windy and cold. A real challenge for our skin. Soon, there will be snow and we will go skiing and there will be a lot of sun. One more reason to make a protective winter facial cream.   How to design a winter facial cream?   A protective facial Read more...
Lemon yogurt soap recipe

Lemon yogurt soap for fresh morning!

Do you want to know what happens with yogurt in soap? And does yogurt soap need to be refrigerated? How does this affect the soap color? Read my experience below!   In one of my favorite books about soapmaking: “Milk Soapmaking” by Anne L. Watson, one recipe drew my attention: Yoghurt Parfait Read more...

How to make a silicone rubber soap mold from your plastic mold

In this post I explain in detail how to make a silicone rubber soap mold from a plastic soap mold.   It’s no magic, but it is definitely fun 🙂   Why to make a silicone rubber soap mold from your plastic soap mold?   Because some soaps that are made of mainly unsaturated oils are very difficult to Read more...

Avocado hair conditioner recipe for dry hair

In this post I show avocado hair conditioner recipe for dry hair. In my previous post, I introduced the theory and the results of my experiment comparing Olivem 1000 and BTMS as two main emulsifiers for hair conditioners.    It was this recipe I used in the experiment.    My thin and bleached hair Read more...

Making hair conditioner – what did I learn and a small experiment

In this post, I share my experience with making hair conditioners. I have made a small experiment, comparing a classical and special conditioner emulsifier. First, I have written a post about a hair conditioner recipe I recently tried, but then I realized, that there is so much to explain, that I Read more...
Cold process or hot process soap

Cold process vs hot process, which method to choose?

Cold process vs hot process… at some point, each soapmaker asks which one is better or when they should be used.   But before I give you some arguments, I will explain these two techniques a bit more in detail – it is crucial for understanding their advantages and disadvantages.   If you are a Read more...

How to make soap – 3 basic methods

When it comes to the question how to make soap at home, you can be recommended one of the 3 basic methods, depending on the type of soapmaker you ask…   Only one of the methods describes how to make soap from scratch  – this means from the most basic ingredients by a reaction called saponification Read more...
Chemical equation of saponification

What is soap – find out!

Before you introduce yourself to the techniques of soapmaking, you need to understand what is soap. Today, everything what cleans is called soap, but majority of what you find in your grocery store is a mix of different surfactants – surface active chemicals that are able to clean.   But soap as we Read more...
Oatmeal milk and honey soap

7 reasons why make your own soap

Why make your own soap? Soap it is not expensive, it is readily available in any grocery store, it cleans, sometimes makes your skin a bit dry, but that is what the creams are for, right? Here are my top reasons why to make your own soap: 1. You have direct control of the soap ingredients!   Why Read more...

About LUSH cosmetics and its claims of not using preservatives

 I have posted some time ago my duplicate recipe of the LUSH King of the skin.   I believed – despite the bananas and avocado and oatmilk – it would work without preservatives, as LUSH claims…. and it really did for some time.   After around two months in the fridge, the mold started growing Read more...
Natural cream deodorant that really works

Natural cream deodorant that really works – the recipe!

Yesterday, I introduced the Zinc Oxide and its action in 100% natural cream deodorant. And here is the recipe!   I hope you will enjoy it as much as me and my hubby – we have been using it every day since I made my very first batch, which means already for more than 3 months!   About Read more...

Zinc oxide use in natural deodorants

I have been searching for a long time a natural deodorant that really works and that I can make myself. By really works I mean that you can: do sport activities climb a mountain on a 25°C full sunny day spend a hot day in a hot town … and in the evening you still smell good. Or at least as good Read more...

Massage soap bar

You can make massage soap by simple adding mungo beans as a bottom layer of your soap. Soap type: bar soap Method: CPOP – cold process oven process I was inspired by my favorite book Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch and as usually, I adjusted the ingredients according to what I had at Read more...
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