Avocado soap gentle peeling recipe

Avocado soap with cream – gentle peeling

In this recipe I wanted to try to add a fruit to my soap. Avocado contains 10-30% oils[1] and belongs together with olives to fruits with the highest content of fat [2,3]. That is why it is a perfect fruit to try in soap: there is not too much water to possibly break the emulsion if added in Read more...

Avobath – LUSH bath bomb duplicate recipe

In this post, I show my duplicate recipe of the Avobath – favorite LUSH bath bomb and my method to crack the recipe.   The recipe for LUSH bath bomb was easy to duplicate and I like the result!   I first show my recipe and below – for those that are interested – I explain how I cracked the Read more...
Soft coeur duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe

Soft coeur – duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe

In this post, I will show you how to make a similar version of the favorite LUSH massage bar. The Lush Soft Coeur is made of cocoa butter base with a chocolate center from honey, glycerine and cocoa powder.   I immediately felt in love with it – the combination of vanilla, strawberry, red orange Read more...

King of the skin – LUSH solid body conditioner – duplicate recipe

In this post, I show my duplicate recipe of the King of the skin – favorite LUSH solid body conditioner and my method to crack the recipe.   I love solid body conditioners and yes, I do really admire LUSH, although I do not agree with their incredibly high prices. Being a home-made cosmetics and Read more...

How to make bath salts – lavender salt recipe

Learning how to make bath salts is is the best way how to start making your own bath and body products. It is incredibly easy and making your own recipe is really fun.   There is not much that can go wrong when you are making a bath salt, and according to what I have read and experienced so far, it Read more...
Homemade natural stick deodorant

Natural homemade stick deodorant – how to and a review on effectiveness

I have been making and uniquely using different natural deodorants for more than a year now. I would like to share my experience with the natural homemade stick deodorant.   It seems that there are basically two types of stick deodorants that can be made at home (as very nicely and in detail Read more...
Wheat germ oil soap

Soap with wheat germ oil

I wanted a very good soap with precious oils – wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter and castor oil. I added a jasmine fragrance for cold process soap. Type: bar soap Method: cold process Mold: plastic transparent   I have tried also my new transparent soap mold and rather like the result, Read more...

Cream soap with shea butter

Did you know that soap is an emulsifier? That is the way it works and cleans our skin. Some people use it to make creams, but such creams are usually on the alkaline side (because soap is alkaline and if you lower its pH to acidic, it decomposes and is not soap anymore). Also, not everyone enjoys Read more...

100% coconut liquid soap

100% coconut oil soap has perfect cleansing properties, able to clean in very hard water and the only able to clean in sea water, but can be drying. But I wanted a soap to use mainly as detergent for dishes and laundry.   Tips:  Making 100% oil soap is practical, because you can use it for your Read more...

After eight praline soap with peppermint filling

I had this idea when I received  peppermint essential oil.  I have seen already soaps called “After eight”, like that dark chocolate filled with peppermint cream, however all these creations are bar soaps.   Try to google After eight soap for ideas…   But I wanted a the same concept – chocolate Read more...

Marigold hand protection cream

This marigold hand protection cream is my first recipe with soy lecithin and beeswax as emulsifiers, which was successful! I used an infusion of marigold leaves in soybean oil. Marigold petals have very good skin healing properties (my personal experience!) and is perfect candidate for repairing Read more...

Glyceryl stearate – home made emulsifier

Glyceryl stearate is a non-ionic low HLB emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer. Because it has low HLB, for emulsions oil-in-water it is being used in combination with another emulsifier. It is said that it brings to creams and solutions a non-greasy, but rich touch. As the majority of emulsifiers, Read more...

Lecithin as an emulsifier – part I, how to dissolve lecithin granules

I have been still searching for a 100% in nature occurring emulsifier  for home made cosmetics. If you read a bit online, you know there are three candidates: lecithin beeswax  borax – sodium tetraborate Na2B4O7, not boric acid! Borax is a mineral and it was shown that it can have carcinogenic Read more...

How to make melt and pour soap base

I like the advantages of melt & pour method – no alkali to deal with, we can literally make only one bar of soap, almost any colors and fragrances are stable in less quantity.   But as a soapmaker from scratch, I am not pleased with the idea to purchase a soap base! Not only that I cannot influence Read more...

Coconut hair conditioner

This is the recipe from the book La cosméto au naturel from Laurence Dupaquier.   I adjusted it a bit, using just a half of Olivem1000 (didn’t have more), so I added co-emulsifier glyceryl stearate (home-made). Actually, I tried to use solely glyceryl stearate, but it did not work.   Thanks to Read more...
Cocoa butter massage bar recipe

Cocoa butter massage bar recipe

I believed I have seen pretty everything in cosmetics, and yet while browsing one of the books on cosmetics I have (Laurence Dupaquier: La cosméto’ au naturel), I found a simple and brilliant thing – a massage bar recipe.   The beauty of a massage bar is that it: cannot get accidentally Read more...

How to make transparent soap

Making transparent soap from scratch is not very difficult, but patience is definitely needed, as it definitely takes several hours. Introduction   You can read in almost all of the “how to make transparent soap” manuals, that to master the technique, it is a big advantage to be familiar with the Read more...

Four colour swirl soap (that went crumbly :( )

Today, I am sad, I tried to make a nice four color swirl, and it went wrong… the swirl is really nice, but the soap is very crumbly.   I have no idea why, I am sure I measured the ingredients well, my scale is good and moreover, I used a recipe I did once and turned out well. I suppose, there is Read more...
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