Homemade soap recipes

Cold process (CP)

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Cold process oven process (CPOP)

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Hot process (HP)

[table id=5 /]

Specialty CP soaps

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  • Sameera
    #1 written by Sameera 9 months ago

    I am trying to make liquid soap by using sulphonic acid/sless/ sods ash/salt/ xhanthem gum glycerine and cmc
    But Everytime we make… there is a problem.. either it does not produce foam or it separates
    Pls advice on where I make mistakes

    • evik
      #2 written by evik 7 months ago

      Hi sameera, in order to help you, I really need the exact recipe with percentages of each ingredient and also how you prepare it. There is so many things that can go wrong that I simply cannot help without this information.

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