Dear friends, lovers and family members of the soapmakers!

You know, having this exciting soapmaking hobby indeed becomes very expensive at one point. All of us dream of many ingredients or tools that we just cannot afford all year long (or there is just not enough time to buy them).

Christmas or birthday time is perfect for suggesting you that we wish them as gifts, but.. you know, it takes out that magic of receiving something unexpected!

But how can you know what we need, if you do not understand (that much) our hobby? And maybe you just want to surprise us! We know…

Now, here is a few items which I believe your beloved soapmaker might appreciate very much…  And I will give you hints on how to choose them too!

PS: I am not paid or compensated in any way for the links provided – except for my participation in the Amazon affiliate program.

I honestly give you resources I know and believe are of good quality!


GiftSuitable forDetailsPhotos with links to buy
The ultimate letter stamp set!!! (with some micas as bonus) Beginners and advanced - both like to stamp! This is the perfect tool to personalize our soaps and generally, it is very difficult to find.

My tips:

Buy plastic or rubber letter stamp sets. You can either use one of the links on the right or search for "cookie stamps" and "printing sets".

Do not buy metal ones! They can react with lye and usually have nothing for holding them thogether - we would have to stamp each letter individually...

Think of the fact that they should:
- be easy to assemble and have something to hold them together
- be deep enough to leave imprint in soap
- not be too large (soaps are small...) - sometimes those sold for cake decoration are too huge.

And FINALLY - to make it more fun and professional, buy some micas - these are colorants that are pearly and perfect for use when stamping soap!

Gold and silver ones are ALWAYS a good choice, since they go well with any most soap colors!

Suggestions are on the right side.
I have this one (click on image to buy)

... and this one (click on image to buy)- which is better in some cases, since it has plenty of other characters apart letters, so you can personalize very well. It works very well with soaps!

Another good alternative (click on image to buy):

Any of these would do a good job, too:

Shop for micas here:

Micas on AMAZON

Natures Garden Candles



The soap mould with separators for (tiger) swirl ... Beginners and know, to make that special swirl we saw online, but now we just have to cut cardboards every time we want to reproduce it and it is very annoying...

I strongly recommend to buy full set - mould and separators, since if you only buy separators, they might not fit the moulds your beloved one already has and that is frustrating, too!

Or you can indeed measure the moulds and check if they would fit.

Do not mistake with mould with bar soap separators (gift number 5 below).

They are relatively expensive and you might have hard time finding some. It is something rather recent on the market. I picked up some sellers, but feel free to search online for

"tiger swirl soap separators"
"horizontal soap dividers"
"soap separators"... etc.
(click on images to see prices and/or buy)

Check GreatSoapShop on ETSY for more dividers (including some wavy ones!)

or have a look at Nurturesoap , where you can buy also tools for swirling (those that look like hangers...)

If you are in Europe, check Aroma-zone in France (delivery for free above 50 EUR in all Europe)

... or SanSavon (Germany)

Set for making silicone moulds...Beginners and advancedWhy not to buy directly a silicone mould? There are many reasons for this:

1. Your soapmaker might have a plastic mould and would wish to have exactly the same, but in silicone, because it is easier to handle. With this set, he can convert it,like this for instance.

2. This kit allows for multiplication of one small mould your soapmaker has!

3. You can make any type of mould or mould lining with it!

DO NOT FORGET when selecting the kit for silicone moulds that:

1. It should NOT be used only for casting (many silicone rubbers are one time use only, since the main interest is the cast - these are those used for casting body parts)
2. The silicone should not shrink in time - beware of this, again, this applies for many casting moulds

3. It should be pourable, so that it is easy to manipulate and catch details.

And of course -please, buy with this kit also some harder plaster powder so that your soapmaker has something to create cast first! The best is the powder ceramic one that can be mixed with water and poured and that dries quick and remains hard.

A mould releaser is a good addition too!
I absolutely love the most the OOMOO kit (click on image to see the price and buy).

Plaster can be like this

... or just go to your local craft store, they will definitely have some!

A wooden soap mould!!

(with bar separators for more advanced soapmakers)
Beginner and advancedIs your beloved one still making soaps into a cardboard box, or whatever she/he finds at home?

Be the one who makes that update into higher level!

A wooden soap mould is just what your soapmaker needs.

There are tray wooden moulds and loaf wooden moulds.

If you consider to buy the tray mould, you might want to buy it with soap bar separators. It really makes it easier for us to cut that huge block!
It is also the kind of mould an advanced soapmaker will be happy with - since we most probably already have the log moulds, but these tray ones with bar separators are just too expensive...

Consider to buy a mould that is easy to disassemble - to that the soap is easy to take out. Some producers make moulds that can be used at the same time as soap cutters...

The good news is, you don't have to buy the wooden mould, you can make it! There are many tutorials, you might start here .

Don't forget to add something to line the mould with - the best is some silicone or plastic liner. However, these are impossible to make, the easiest is to buy silicone or plastic mold and make the wooden part around it!

And don't forget the lid!

You can also just take the mould your soapmaker already has and recreate the same. It is always good to have multiple molds of the same size!

Beware of buying acrylic moulds (the dividers can be acrylic) - not every soapmaker likes them!

And make sure you buy/make good size - most non professional soapmakers make smaller quantities of soap, so anything able to hold 3-5 pounds (1.5-2.5 kg) of soap is the best option.
Loaf mould resources

A lot of molds can be found on AMAZON

... or on EBAY

... or in specialized eshops, such as
Soap making resource - log mould with soap cutter!

Dave's wooden soap moulds

Tray mould resources

Very good professional moulds can be found at BRAMBLEBERRY

This is their tray mould with soap bar divider...

Essential oils and natural colorants suitable for cold process soapmaking!Beginners and advancedYes, a soapmaker has NEVER ENOUGH essential oils and colorants!

Even if you think he/she does, it is not true. They are used up so quickly... yes, there might be 150 different kinds of essential oils in his drawer, but what about the quantity! You need 10-30ml for each 1kg (2 pound) oils batch of soap...

What is always good to have at hand is:

- 100ml of lavender essential oil (beware of lavandin, or lavender aspic, these are different!)
- 200 ml of orange or lemon essential oil (we need more of these, since they do not hold well in soap)
- 50 ml cinnamon leaf essential oil
- 50 ml rosemary essential oil

Or you can make selection of 10ml more expensive essential oils and buy some of these:

cedar, clove, palmarosa, rosewood, frankincense, ylang-ylang, litsea-cubeba, bergamot, ....

Do not mistake with fragrance oils, and do not buy fragrance oils for aroma lamps - these are not suitable for soap!!

For the colorants - there are TWO types of natural colorants - those which are stable at alkaline pH and those that are not.

In order to not to make mistake, I recommend to buy colorants from specialized soapmaker shops.

I would like to point out, that from natural colorants, the only BLUE that is stable is either ultramarine oxide or indigo. You will make your soapmaker happy with both of them, since blue is so difficult to make with anything else.

Generally mineral oxides are a good choice!

DO NOT BUY COLORANTS FOR MELT AND POUR SOAP! - they are most probably unstable in alkaline soap!

Natural soap colorants can be found for instance here:

- Soap making resource

- Check the Christmas colorant sampler pack from BRAMBLEBERRY


- Natures Garden Candles

You can buy essential oils at the same sellers. Aim for larger packaging, if you can, since these are definitely less expensive!
The digital thermometer...AdvancedWe really need to measure the temperatures like.. all the time. Whether of our melting oils, or cooling lye solution or our soap in the crock pot....

I say this is suitable for advanced soapmakers just so you can be sure the thermometer will be used a lot, since advanced soapmakers are already hooked onto soapmaking. Of course, if you have a very motivated beginner, go for it! Moreover, you can still use it in the kitchen...

The best ones have:
- long stainless steel probe
- possibility to set up alert if the temperature is lower/higher than certain threshold!

If it has a magnet so that we can fix the thermometer from falling into our hot soap or oils or lye, is really a plus!

The faster it reads the temperatures, the better.

There are also infrared, non-contact thermometers, but I heard that they are not precise enough for soapmaking...
This one looks very much like the one I have

... or this one

DO NOT BUY THIS TYPE, it is not practical - we need to let it in for a while and it can fall into the pot!!!

The crock pot... (slow cooker)AdvancedAt one point you might have seen that your beloved soapmaker is making strange attempts to cook soap and maybe even make liquid or transparent soap!

There is nothing worst than making this in double boiler! Or maybe she/he is even using your favourite crock-pot you use for cooking!!!

If you believe they might like this kind of soapmaking (you definitely heard the expression "hot process"), then it is the time for you to give them a crockpot!

You really do not have to buy something fancy... the most important is the switch, which should have at least 2 positions - low and high.

Also, the inner part should not be teflon or aluminium! They will both deteriorate very quickly. The best is ceramic or even better stainless steel

This gift is easy to buy, since you can really find it in every store with kitchen appliances...

Crockpots on AMAZON

Crockpots on EBAY

... well , this one is easy, since you can buy it anywhere!
Column embed mouldsBeginner and advancedThese are just perfect for making soap inserts.
Try to buy some that have a special shape - heart, square or star.
Have a look at BRAMBLEBERRY

... or on AMAZON

Wavy soap cutterBeginner and advancedSuch a simple thing can make us so much pleasure!

While few months ago it was almost impossible to find online, now there are many options. See on the right my suggestions.
I have this one from


Or it can be found on EBAY

or here Soapequipment
One bar (3D or not) silicone mouldsBeginner and advancedANY soap mould will make us pleasure, really! Even if we already have it, since - you know, we want to make more soaps of the same kind!

If you buy "one bar" silicone moulds, there is one rule - the softer the silicone is, the better - this applies mainly for more complex and 3D moulds.

I have very good experience with
Longzang moulds


I hope this list inspired you at least a bit and if you are not sure, you can still ask your soapmaker! 🙂