IMGP0133Yes, finally πŸ™‚ Those of you who have been waiting for the results of the big test of 100% one oil soaps… here it is!


Actually, it has been more than a year since I made the soaps, but I was extremely busy moving to another country, preparing my wedding (soon…) and having holidays πŸ™‚


You might want to read first the previous 2 posts:

  1. A big test of 100% one oil soaps – part I – trace, unmolding soaps, smell, color
  2. A big test of 100% one oil soaps – part II – after 2 weeks – foaming, color, smell

To sum up – I tried to saponify different oils and found both expected and unexpected differences in trace, smell, color and foaming capabilities – these results can be found in the two posts above.

The question was, how do the soaps look like after 1 year. I was asking the following questions:

  • Which soaps went rancid?
  • Did some of them loose the excess alkalinity?
  • Did they foam better?
  • Are there any other changes concerning smell, color, hardness…


Results of one oil soap test after 15 months

Type g color smell & other photo after 4 weeks photo after 15 months
foaming(see below for videos)
Coconut oil soap 49 dark yellow, with soda ash parts whiteish smells a bit of old oil CoconutOilSoap CoconutOilSoap2 Gives fast big bubbles, just as before.
Palm oil soap 56 light yellow, uneven, darker on one side does not smell bad PalmOilSoap2 PalmOilSoap Did not augment its foaming ability, still very rich cream lather that takes a while to make
Olive oil soap 52 cream color, with soda ash almost all over, yellow on one side does not smell bad OliveOilSoap OliveOilSoap In comparison to after 2 weeks, it actually does foam, although still gets slimy.
Shea butter soap 52 yellow-orange, uniform, no dreaded orange spots still smells as shea butter, although it fainted SheaButterSoap SheaButterSoap the lather is very rich and de luxe, a bit better then after 2 weeks
Castor oil soap 46 translucent with dreaded orange spots smells a bit like an old oil, is sticky to touch! CastorOilSoap CastorOilSoap2 Absolutely no change, no lather at all…
Cocoa butter soap 51 cream yellow, some places more orange, however lost its original color! does not smell bad, very fainted cocoa butter smell CocoaButterSoap2 CocoaButterSoap After 2 weeks, this soap was very difficult to make foam and then I was not sure if it is just slimy or it gave a very thick lather with little bubbles. Now, the soap was still difficult to make foam, however, the lather was there!
Corn oil soap 50 yellow by large dreaded orange spots, some places still lighter does smell a bit of old oil CornOilSoap CornOilSoap Kept its mild foaming ability!
Peanut oil soap 41 the oxidation transformed its cream color to orange/brownish does smell a bit of old oil, is sticky, similar to castor oil oap PeanutOilSoap PeanutOilSoap This soap has changed its lather! Before the lather was creamy, much like that of shea butter soap. Now, it was less rich with big bubbles, like that of coconut oil soap.
Beeswax soap 51 is light orange, uneven color smells like soap… BeeswaxSoap BeeswaxSoap No change at all.. no lather
Jojoba oil soap 23 few days after making this soap, it I got rid of the liquid part, so it could harden. It was very mushy and hardened considerably with time, got cream white and then darkened on one side smells alkaline JojobaOilSoap JojobaOilSoap To my surprise, I was able to make some bubbles with this soap after 15 months, although it was not easy.


Summary of changes

Color and rancidity

In general, majority soaps have changed their color, most of them darkened considerably, some got lighter.


Darkened: coconut, shea butter, corn oil, peanut oil soap

Got lighter: jojoba oil, beeswax and cocoa butter soap

Kept their color: palm oil soap and olive oil soap


Castor oil soap was again a pretty special case. It got sticky and developed dreaded orange spots – sign of rancidity.

In peanut oil soap and corn oil soap, there is no doubt their color change was due to rancidity, both smell a bit like old oil. Interestingly, coconut oil soap also got rancid – changing color and smelling of old oil.



Apart of smell of rancidity (IMPORTANT – the smell of rancidity was in neither case very present, e.g. it would not keep me from using soaps) in four soaps (castor, peanut, corn and coconut), the soaps did not have special fragrance (nor the typical soap “odor”).

The only exception were shea and cocoa butter soaps, which still kept their original scent, although very fainted.



Soaps that kept their lathering characteristics (good or bad): coconut oil soap, palm oil soap, shea butter soap,Β castor oil soap, beeswax soap

Soaps that decreased their lather: peanut oil soap

Soaps that increased their lather: jojoba oil soap, olive oil soap, cocoa butter soap


Here are the videos of foaming test after 15 months