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Who am I?


My name is Evik31 yearscurrently in french part of Switzerlandliving with my fiancéhaving a   child for two weekends a month (my fiancés son)vegetarianloving mountains and nature


How did I come to making my own cosmetics and soap?


I started to make soap at home 7 years ago, after incidentally discovering The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps by Susan Miller Cavitch in my favorite bookshop.


It was shortly after I became vegetarian (please, do eat meat if you like it, I am not persuading anyone!) and started to care more about my health and what cosmetic products do I use. This book became a bible for me and since, I could often be observed mixing suspicious broth with wooden spatula, while wearing swimming glasses and waiting sooooooooooo looooooong to get trace…


…maybe because of that, or maybe for other reasons I do not remember really, I stopped soaping for a while.

Luckily, in the spring 2010 I got soapy-enlightened again and discovered how much the soapmaking world has changed in between! The amount of information I found was just astohishing! Blogs, forums and those dozens of nice books with photographs on amazon… but mainly … the discovery of the blender in soapmaking 🙂

I dived in and somehow naturally started to be interested also in how to make my own cosmetics.

What is this blog about


Since, I have been reading, searching, making, rebatching, discarding, questioning, again reading, writing and de novo experimenting, inventing, discovering, enjoying, giving, using…

….but mainly always trying to find answers to my WHY / WHAT / WHICH and HOW questions I ask each time I learn and try something new, like for example

  • Why this ingredient is important in the recipe? What happens if we do not add it? How can we substitute it and can we?
  • How can I make at home my own meltable M&P soap base, and how to make one without using propylene glycol?
  • How can we substitute the famous borax&beeswax combination for other, more natural emulsifier?
  • What can a really natural emulsifier do and why is beeswax not considered an emulsifier, although it does emulsify to some extent?
  • Which of the unsaponifiables in oils or other ingredients survive the alkali conditions of soap and how do they change if not?
  • Is there a really, but really working homemade deodorant or shampoo? (for the deodorant – yes, there is! and for the shampoo… hum…)
  • And which scientific study really supports that positive/negative claim about that ingredient?

I will be always asking questions and search for the answers and will share with you all my recent and future experience, everything I know or will discover in my soapmaking and cosmetics making adventures.

Basic principles, tutorials, recipes, videos, photos, documentation, results of my kitchen experiments…

Publicity on my blog


As all this experimenting takes quite a lot of my time and resources (I do not sell my products), and putting all of it online regularly even more, I will occasionally put here and there some publicity (e.g. I am an Amazon affiliate) – however, only if it is relevant to the post content! This will – i hope so – in the future help me to generate a small income that hopefully at least covers my expenses.

And – please – do not buy anything if you are not persuaded you need it!  I have plenty of ingredients I bought very excited and did not use them yet… I hope I will do … The best is to start with small quantities. And if you like it – and only if – buy more!

Please, share your opinion – I love to communicate!


I am happy to share my knowledge in an interactive way! If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me. You are of course more than welcome to leave comments below my posts.

If you are critical, please, be constructive… it takes long time to write a post and I really try to be objective…


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Long live your bar of soap!



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  • Jim Piazza
    #1 written by Jim Piazza 9 years ago

    My name is Jim Piazza. My 11 year old daughter, Chloe, started making her own soap last year as a hobby but quickly found out so many people were interested in having her make soap for them. This hobby quickly turned an official lisenced business. (Located just outside Baltimore Maryland -in the United States) I am in charge of marketing research and the website etc. She is incharge of production. Somehow I think I got the short end of the stick as I work full time etc. Anyway – I came across your website and watched how to turn a plastic molds into a silicone molds. Can’t wait to start as we have so many palstic ones that are so dificult to make multiple quaility soaps. I see you have so much literature and blogs and I am excited to read more about the business. Any tips and or pointers you want to pass on would be greatly appreciated. We hope to stay in contact for professional and soap making purposes. Switzerland is not really right around the corner from us.

    Jim Piazza – piazzapac@hotmail.com
    Chloe Piazza – chloescollections@hotmail.com

  • Kaimi
    #2 written by Kaimi 9 years ago

    Dear Evik,

    Do you produce silicone molds for all size soap?



    • evik
      #3 written by evik 9 years ago

      Hi Kaimi,

      I do not produce silicone molds on some regular basis. I only tried one so far, it holds 500g of soap, but I believe that any soap mold is possible.


  • Choice
    #4 written by Choice 9 years ago

    Dear Evik:
    To tell you in the very beginning, I am a silicone sales man from China, but I am not here to sell anything today. I came across your blog when browsing the Internet for buyers. and I read all the information you wrote on you blog, especially that essay about how to make a silicone mold from a plastic, and I also saw the comment from that cute American girl, and what I want to say is that it’s good for you two to have a hobby like this, which combine both your business and your interest. Unlike me, taking my hobby as a only tool to make a living. Anyway, it’s good to see this webpage, wish you and your husband happy everyday !
    Best regards

  • maja
    #5 written by maja 8 years ago

    Dear Evik,,
    You are very special and generous person.I thank you for everything you keep posting.
    Your fan from Montenegro

  • Diane
    #6 written by Diane 8 years ago

    Hello Evik

    I am new in soapmaking and it is a fun hobby.

    My job is a seamstress and I watched a video on the flat cut in YouTube. When the video ended I saw Dollar Store Make Soap of Soaping101, that attract my curiosity and I was impressed.

    I found your site in Google search. I love it and I love your tests.

    Since I saw hundreds of video and I learned a lot. I thank all those who take their time to teach us all these beautiful things.

    I live in Quebec Canada and all the product to make soap are very expensive and the shipping kills us…..

    I found this seller on Ebay who sell affordable prices and reasonable shipping.


    About milk in soap I found information on About.com, very interesting on the use of frozen milk, evaporated and powdered. Now I prefer to use powdered milk, much less trouble.


    If you find a better price, please tell me



  • Fernanda
    #7 written by Fernanda 8 years ago

    Hi! I’ve just come across your blog and loved it! I am a real beginner in soapmaking bust for the last copule of months I’ve been reading all about soap on the net, and also making some batches. Your blog is simple and addresses many of my questions. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experiments and discoveries with us!
    Fernanda (from Brazil)

    • evik
      #8 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Fernanda, I am happy you like my blog, keep visiting, I promise I will share all I know 🙂

  • Diane
    #9 written by Diane 8 years ago

    Hello everyone

    I found this video about Melt and Pour recipe on Youtube. In french language.


    Look easy for embed

    80 gr water
    36 gr lye

    96 gr coconut oil
    88 gr stearic acid
    64 gr castor oil
    Heat 75

    Add to lye solution 100 gr ethanol (denatured alchool) leave 1 hour in double bowl.

    add sugar water ( 72 gr water + 80 gr sugar Dissolve the sugar in water)
    1 teaspoon salt
    100 gr sorbitol (if you don’t have sorbitol use glycerin)
    36 gr glycerin

    leave 1/2 hour in double bowl. Remove from heat and let stand for 10 minutes.

    look her other video with olive oil


  • Erica
    #10 written by Erica 8 years ago

    Hello! 🙂
    I have just stumbled upon your blog today in my research for developing my own recipies for all-natural skincare products, and I really like what I have been reading so far! Your information seems to be extremely and thoroughly well-researched. Don’t worry, I will not take any recipies from you, I just like seeing the information on certain ingredients. 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for your insightful and intelligent information here. You have been a huge help in assisting in my research.
    Thank you again, Evik!

    • evik
      #11 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Erica,

      no problem, if the recipes are out there, you can use them. I will be happy if sometimes you share with me some of your findings. Good luck in the development!

  • saeed
    #12 written by saeed 8 years ago

    HI Erica,
    I live in japan , few monthes before my mom lookes some very colorless and transprant soap .but that was expensive and she didin’t buy ,now me decide to made nice amd colorless soap for present to her .
    me tryed several times also me studied about to many oiles and hoe use and conculate NAOH and several time made .but every tima have problem with if it is tarasprant is not hard .if it is hard not colorless.
    do you use stearic asid or no .me use exatlly same oliies but put some stearic acid for be hard . maby is my mistake .please help me .with my best regard

  • Tyrel
    #13 written by Tyrel 8 years ago

    This might be a stupid and crazy question, but I am very new to soap making and curious about the possibilities. Is it possible to use liquid coffee creamer for soap making? I often find that I buy a large container of it for my boyfriend but most of it ends up being wasted by just sitting in the fridge for months without use.

    • evik
      #14 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Tyrel, I guess it is, but it depends what it is made from. If it is diary product, than you can use it instead of water to dissolve your lye in. If it is non-diary, then it is pretty complex composition containing oils, sugars and emulsifiers and it might affect your soap in a negative way – speeding up the trace, heating soap, darkening it… I would be careful, but you can try to pour some into your water for lye solution! Start with smaller quantities, though and proceed like with milk soap.

  • Zia
    #15 written by Zia 8 years ago

    Hi Evik,

    I am not in soap making neither anything even related to it.. I was just surfing the net landed here somehow..

    It always inspires me to see how different things that we see around actually manufactured.. even more what inspired me is your idea of sharing the knowledge and creating a platform where people can interact and share techniques that can possibly help thousand of people living in poor countries to start a business of their own

    Please try to develop a facebook page and youtube channel.. i would certainly like to help in anyway i could..

    God bless..

  • Kevin
    #17 written by Kevin 7 years ago

    Hello Evik,

    This is Kevin from China, I wonder if you need beeswax for soap and cosmetics making, I would like to send you more details about our beeswax if you are interested in, just please contact me by email,thanks.

    Best regards,

  • Lucent
    #18 written by Lucent 2 years ago

    Happy to come across this am lucent from Nigeria
    Need where I can buy silicon containers

  • Lucent
    #19 written by Lucent 2 years ago

    Happy to come across this am lucent from Nigeria
    Need where I can buy silicon containers
    Find you’re post educating, more grace

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