Dear friends,

I am always excited about new soap projects and ideas – what a wonderful place would world be if everyone had soapmaker’s heart and spirit! 🙂

And here is one project that makes me feel very well and I cannot but share with you.

Omari Bookal is a young student who together with his friends cooperate with a national “Tigers for Tigers” coalition who’s sole mission is to save the tiger!

What started as a school project for an entrepreneurship class developed into a wonderful idea – making “tiger” natural soaps, sell them and give part for saving bengal tigers.

However, to start this business, some initial capital is needed, so Omari and his friends have started a kickstarter project to raise the necessary capital for their soapmaking company.

Please, share this wonderful idea and if you can, support! – there is only 20 days to go!

and don’t forget to…. soap well! 🙂