Glyceryl stearate – home made emulsifier

Glyceryl stearate is a non-ionic low HLB emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer. Because it has low HLB, for emulsions oil-in-water it is being used in combination with another emulsifier. It is said that it brings to creams and solutions a non-greasy, but rich touch. As the majority of emulsifiers, Read more...

Lecithin as an emulsifier – part I, how to dissolve lecithin granules

I have been still searching for a 100% in nature occurring emulsifier  for home made cosmetics. If you read a bit online, you know there are three candidates: lecithin beeswax  borax – sodium tetraborate Na2B4O7, not boric acid! Borax is a mineral and it was shown that it can have carcinogenic Read more...
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