Balm for atopic dermatitis for children

Time to time, I get asked to create some specific formula. This time, I was approached by a mother whose two children (one of them a few month old baby) suffer from atopic dermatitis. She wondered if I could make a cream for them, that would be non-irritating for their sensitive skin. I quickly Read more...
Luxury chocolate whipped body butter

Luxury chocolate whipped body butter

Anna on her blog published a recipe for Chocolate mousse body butter.It’s been some time I made my last whipped butter and this recipe just made me want to make one again!   The original recipe is pure oils and butters, very natural.  Having for some time at my possesion a very interesting Read more...
Massage body candle

Cinnamon-orange-vanilla body massage candle – Christmas gift recipe

Melts into a soothing body balm suitable for skin care or as sensual massage oil…   …so much for the advertisement of the recipe 🙂   Body massage candle is different than other candles. Apart of burning, giving thus light and nice scent, the candle itself can be used on its own.   I wanted to make Read more...

About LUSH cosmetics and its claims of not using preservatives

 I have posted some time ago my duplicate recipe of the LUSH King of the skin.   I believed – despite the bananas and avocado and oatmilk – it would work without preservatives, as LUSH claims…. and it really did for some time.   After around two months in the fridge, the mold started growing Read more...

Zinc oxide use in natural deodorants

I have been searching for a long time a natural deodorant that really works and that I can make myself. By really works I mean that you can: do sport activities climb a mountain on a 25°C full sunny day spend a hot day in a hot town … and in the evening you still smell good. Or at least as good Read more...
Soft coeur duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe

Soft coeur – duplicate LUSH massage bar recipe

In this post, I will show you how to make a similar version of the favorite LUSH massage bar. The Lush Soft Coeur is made of cocoa butter base with a chocolate center from honey, glycerine and cocoa powder.   I immediately felt in love with it – the combination of vanilla, strawberry, red orange Read more...

King of the skin – LUSH solid body conditioner – duplicate recipe

In this post, I show my duplicate recipe of the King of the skin – favorite LUSH solid body conditioner and my method to crack the recipe.   I love solid body conditioners and yes, I do really admire LUSH, although I do not agree with their incredibly high prices. Being a home-made cosmetics and Read more...
Homemade natural stick deodorant

Natural homemade stick deodorant – how to and a review on effectiveness

I have been making and uniquely using different natural deodorants for more than a year now. I would like to share my experience with the natural homemade stick deodorant.   It seems that there are basically two types of stick deodorants that can be made at home (as very nicely and in detail Read more...

Cream soap with shea butter

Did you know that soap is an emulsifier? That is the way it works and cleans our skin. Some people use it to make creams, but such creams are usually on the alkaline side (because soap is alkaline and if you lower its pH to acidic, it decomposes and is not soap anymore). Also, not everyone enjoys Read more...
Cocoa butter massage bar recipe

Cocoa butter massage bar recipe

I believed I have seen pretty everything in cosmetics, and yet while browsing one of the books on cosmetics I have (Laurence Dupaquier: La cosméto’ au naturel), I found a simple and brilliant thing – a massage bar recipe.   The beauty of a massage bar is that it: cannot get accidentally Read more...
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