Simple leave-in conditioner recipe

I always thought that leave-in conditioner was nothing to be used on my thin and easy to grease hair. Then I was asked by a friend to make one for her curly hair and my opinion changed…..   As usual, when I try to make some very new product, I first went searching to Susan’s blog for advice. There Read more...

Lavender hair conditioner

My vert first attempt of hair conditioner (coconut hair conditioner) was rather a dissapointment, because, as I found later in my experiment,  I did not have the right ingredients, : e.g. BTMS or Conditioner emulsifier.   I made this particular hair conditioner for a friend with dry but thin Read more...

Soap as a shampoo?

There are people that say it is perfect. Others say: Soap as shampoo? Never ever again! So who is right? And can we easily tell? I have some personal experience, but I wanted to gather as much information as I could on the subject… and I share all I know so far with you…   It is very attractive – Read more...

Avocado hair conditioner recipe for dry hair

In this post I show avocado hair conditioner recipe for dry hair. In my previous post, I introduced the theory and the results of my experiment comparing Olivem 1000 and BTMS as two main emulsifiers for hair conditioners.    It was this recipe I used in the experiment.    My thin and bleached hair Read more...

Making hair conditioner – what did I learn and a small experiment

In this post, I share my experience with making hair conditioners. I have made a small experiment, comparing a classical and special conditioner emulsifier. First, I have written a post about a hair conditioner recipe I recently tried, but then I realized, that there is so much to explain, that I Read more...

Coconut hair conditioner

This is the recipe from the book La cosméto au naturel from Laurence Dupaquier.   I adjusted it a bit, using just a half of Olivem1000 (didn’t have more), so I added co-emulsifier glyceryl stearate (home-made). Actually, I tried to use solely glyceryl stearate, but it did not work.   Thanks to Read more...
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