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How to make resistant soap, or hard doesn’t mean resistant!

…. As the title suggests, a hard soap does not necessarily mean a resistant soap. Hard soap means that your thumb does not leave a mark on it under substantial pressure. The soap is hard, well, almost like a stone! So what is a resistant soap? Resistant soap dissolves relatively slowly and even if Read more...
Coconut OIl Differences

Coconut oil differences and use (not only) in soapmaking and cosmetics making

Virgin coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, 72deg, 92 deg coconut oil… … it might be pretty confusing, right? Which one to choose in SoapCalc? And why there is so many of them! In this post I tried to gather everything (almost everything, since I forget things…) important I know about coconut oil Read more...

A big test of 100% one oil soaps – after 15 months

Yes, finally 🙂 Those of you who have been waiting for the results of the big test of 100% one oil soaps… here it is!   Actually, it has been more than a year since I made the soaps, but I was extremely busy moving to another country, preparing my wedding (soon…) and having holidays 🙂   You might Read more...

Making natural soap from scratch I. – Necessary ingredients, basic steps and methods

While I have been posting on some elaborate methods like liquid or transparent soapmaking, I did not cover the basics! Making natural soap from scratch (means from lye and oils) is more elaborate than just melt&pour or rebatching (see my post on How to make soap – 3 basic methods) But, it is also Read more...

How to calculate the hot process superfat

In my previous post I discussed an important difference between superfat and lye discount. You might want to read it first, as I explain there why in hot process (HP) and only in hot process, the calculation of the superfat should be based on the saponification values and not on the percentage of Read more...

Making 100% olive oil soap – tips, tricks and why it should be avoided by beginners

If you like the idea of 100% olive oil soap and think that the simplicity of the recipe makes it an ideal soap for beginners, I have some bad news for you – you better avoid it before you gather enough experience… Why? If you are a total beginner, you probably wish 3 things: to create a soap that Read more...

Superfat vs. lye discount – the difference to know

What is the difference between applying lye discount and superfatting your soap? And should we care? Grab a cup of coffee or a hot tea, or whatever beverage you prefer, take a short pause and sit down comfortably. I will show you, that the difference can become quite important and that we should Read more...
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