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Goat milk soap recipe – and why it is hard to keep it white

Who wouldn’t know the benefits of goats milk – so why destroying it by adding it to soap? The question can be asked also from the other point of view: why not to enhance soap by adding some goat milk? A lot of people love goat milk soap, claiming that it is the best for problematic and sensitive Read more...

Test of food colorants in soap – part 2 – after 48 hours

Hello after a week, and sorry for being late with the results. Sadly, noone of you guessed, maybe it was too difficult. The photo on the right shows also the color bags.   And here is the image from previous post together with the correct answers. Of course, I also add a table with more detailed Read more...

Test of food colorants in soap – part 1

lt is not difficult to color soap. But to color it exactly the way we want is an art! There is a lot of colors that can be used, but not all are stable under alkaline conditions of soap. Here I tried 6 food colorants in soap – it is a very nice example of how pH affects colors. Let’s start… I Read more...
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