soap recipes

100% coconut liquid soap

100% coconut oil soap has perfect cleansing properties, able to clean in very hard water and the only able to clean in sea water, but can be drying. But I wanted a soap to use mainly as detergent for dishes and laundry.   Tips:  Making 100% oil soap is practical, because you can use it for your Read more...

After eight praline soap with peppermint filling

I had this idea when I received  peppermint essential oil.  I have seen already soaps called “After eight”, like that dark chocolate filled with peppermint cream, however all these creations are bar soaps.   Try to google After eight soap for ideas…   But I wanted a the same concept – chocolate Read more...

How to make melt and pour soap base

I like the advantages of melt & pour method – no alkali to deal with, we can literally make only one bar of soap, almost any colors and fragrances are stable in less quantity.   But as a soapmaker from scratch, I am not pleased with the idea to purchase a soap base! Not only that I cannot influence Read more...

How to make transparent soap

Making transparent soap from scratch is not very difficult, but patience is definitely needed, as it definitely takes several hours. Introduction   You can read in almost all of the “how to make transparent soap” manuals, that to master the technique, it is a big advantage to be familiar with the Read more...

Four colour swirl soap (that went crumbly :( )

Today, I am sad, I tried to make a nice four color swirl, and it went wrong… the swirl is really nice, but the soap is very crumbly.   I have no idea why, I am sure I measured the ingredients well, my scale is good and moreover, I used a recipe I did once and turned out well. I suppose, there is Read more...
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