Coconut soap snowball recipeLast weekend I was having fun. Winter is here and I had this idea of making all coconut soap – I designed the recipe to contain:

  • coconut oil
  • coconut milk
  • coconut scent

And poured it in hemispheric shaped silicone molds (looks like half-snowball – my molds look exactly like World Cuisine Non-Stick Silicone Mold, Hemisphere) and after unmolding, I rolled the still sticky soap in a grated coconut.


I let you judge yourself how I succeeded – image on the right – and here is the recipe!


Superfat: 5%

% oils oz g ingredient
45.9% 15.9 oz   450 g coconut oil
44.5% 15.4 oz 436 g grape-seed oil
9.6%   3.3 oz   94 g palm oil
5.1oz 144 g   NaOH
7 oz 200 g distilled water
6.4 oz 180 g coconut milk (1 small can)
0.46 oz 13 g coconut FO (from
grated coconut to sprinkle



1) I used the cold process method.

2) At a light trace I mixed in the coconut milk and whipped well

3) I added coconut FO and whipped until thick trace

4) Poured in molds

– part of the soap in the cupcake molds, which I sprinkled with pistachios

– part into the hemispheric molds


I did not insulate – this helped the soap to be hard, but still sticky the next day upon unmolding. This way I could sprinkle them – or rather roll around in the bowl containing grated coconut 🙂

It is so easy and looks amazing!