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  • Irina
    #1 written by Irina 8 years ago

    Dear Evik, i desperately need your help, please help me!
    I have spent all night trying to make the jelly soap, but i simply could not.
    Do i need to pour the whole amount of glycerin to carrageenan (this what i was doing) then, heat the H2O and pour carrageenan to hot H2O? I even tried to make just water, glycerin, carrageenan, but nothing works! My jelly sort of breaks into small something, like very small “grains”, the other time it turned into a separated layers of rubber, i can only manage to stir it a bit, but it sets instantly, being not dissolve properly and i cannot add anything to jelly, and so on… what i am doing wrong? could this be bad carrageenan? What else carrigrennan cannot tolerate apart from soap?
    Oh, i will really-really appreciate your help here,i cannot afford to throw away my ingredients any longer. Please help!
    Kindest regards and thank you very much, Irina

    • evik
      #2 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Irina, sorry, I only read your post now. You should be pouring water to carrageenan, not vice versa. However – if you say you want to do jelly soap, do you use liquid soap, or what kind of soap? Which recipe you follow?

  • Victor
    #3 written by Victor 8 years ago

    Hi Evik,

    I was very tired around the world with google to find the secret of making transparent soap .. I am sure you are more experienced than me .. would you share the secret to me??

    • evik
      #4 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Victor, not sure what you mean by “the secret”, but did you have a look at my transparent soap recipe on the blog? Evik

  • Daisy
    #5 written by Daisy 8 years ago

    Hello Evik. I love your blog which all experiment on soap-making. Would you mind I link you blog to my blog? Thanks.

    • evik
      #6 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Daisy, of course not, please, do so! Evik

  • soulshine
    #7 written by soulshine 7 years ago

    Just tried making cold process soap for the second time. First time I stirred and stirred manually to reach trace. My soap turned out great. This time I used a bullet hand mixer and reached trace quick and by the time I was ready to pour it into my mold it was pretty thick, beyond pouring. Is this bad?

    • evik
      #8 written by evik 7 years ago

      Hi Soulshine, no, it is not bad, unless it separated, which would look like soap soaking in water. It is just a question of aesthetics – your spooned into moulds soap might not be that pretty due to air pockets and bubbles.

  • Shekoofeh
    #9 written by Shekoofeh 5 years ago

    This recipe its very good but in my country we cant use alcohol its forbiden what can i use instead of alcohol that my soap base will be transparent please answer to me thanks alot

  • Argentorum
    #10 written by Argentorum 4 years ago

    Hey Evik !
    First of all your videos are very cool !!
    I had one question for you. I have to make soap of peanuts for a big work for chemistry. I think you have to use lye and peanut oil but I don’t know exactly how to use them. Do I have to put anything else in my soap ? Do I have to warm it up ? Thanks for your answer !!

  • Elizabeth
    #11 written by Elizabeth 3 years ago

    Hi – do you have the recipe on how to make clear melt and pour soap base? THANKS

  • paco
    #12 written by paco 3 years ago

    can you post the mono version of this experiment you wrote on the comments section?

  • Robyn Loos
    #13 written by Robyn Loos 2 years ago

    Hello, I am looking at your zinc deodorant recipe, and after trying this out my first attempt did not go very well. I think the issue was the amount of ingredients not being traditional. I was wondering if you could provide me with a recipe that makes a little more but used measurements like teaspoon or tablespoon? Also what do you use to actually make it? For example, I went with what you showed in the image but I think I might have added things in the wrong order.

    The heating and cooling and things used to do the process were somewhat confusing. Any help I can get would be great!

  • Jack Xiao
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  • Nancy Batch
    #15 written by Nancy Batch 2 years ago

    I have the book and used the recipe you have posted as the original (Basic Recipe 1 p. 66) and have had no luck getting the mixture to the gel stage. The troubleshooting guide indicates the problem may be too much lye but I followed the proportions exactly and weighed everything on a digital scale. Right now I am trying to salvage the batch (of rather hard to obtain and somewhat expensive materials) using distilled water and continuous warming both on the stove and in the oven. Not sure what to do next. If I can get a gel-like mixture I am going to follow through on the solvents since it will take at least 10 days to get stearic acid as it is not available locally.

    Not really sure where I went wrong. Any insights? Thanks!

  • Alex
    #16 written by Alex 1 year ago

    Hello! I read your recipe about cream where you use a vanilla infusion oil. Could share the recipe of infusion? Which kind of oil? How much? How many vanilla beans? How long is the period of infusion?
    Please let me know
    Take care

    #17 written by 1 year ago

    Can you try making lushs banana skin next?

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