ShavingGelRecipeSome time ago, I published a recipe on a shaving gel. In meantime, however, while I was experimenting with LUSH jelly, I discovered an even better consistency for shaving gel.

My hubby tried it and loves it… or at least that is what he says:)

Since it contains glycerine, the xanthan gum is easy to dissolve and at the same time the shaving gel is gentle for the skin.

Well, without more introduction, here is the recipe:


50% glycerine

35% rose water

10% SCS (sodium coco sulphate) or SCI (sodium coco isethionate)

  4% Xanthan gum

  1% GFecosafe

  0.5% Peppermint essential oil

a bit of food grade blue colouring



1. Mix glycerine with xanthan gum in bowl A

2. Heat rose water, blue colouring and SCS until SCS dissolves. DO NOT STIR, just heat until it dissolves, giving it an occasional stir. If you stir, you will introduce bubbles in your gel, which will cause it to be lighter and more “foam” like. Do not overheat either, since you do not want your rose water to evaporate, 70°C is good maximum.

3. Then, once SCS dissolved in rose water, pour it in the bowl A with glycerine with xanthan gum and stir gently until you feel it thickens

4. Then add your preservative and peppermint essential oil, pour in the pot and let cool down in the fridge


This weekend I was also working on a rose cream, where I actually used for the first time rose essential oil. I will be posting the recipe later this week.


Let me know if you make your own shaving gel or other shaving product (cream, soap…?).