Cosmetics making

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  • Joyce Lim
    #1 written by Joyce Lim 8 years ago

    Hi Evik,

    I love your post about using alternative natural emulsifier ( aka beewax plus Lecithin). May I asked, have you come across using Aloe Vera as an co-emulsifer, as Aloe vera has both hydrophilic and lipopolic properties.

    • evik
      #2 written by evik 8 years ago

      Hi Joyce, interesting, no, I’ve never heard about that, interesting, another thing to try! 🙂

  • Amber
    #3 written by Amber 8 years ago

    Hi Evik! Just wondering if you might have any ideas on how to make a DIY hairspray recipe? Something that is quite firm hold, but also gives shine…. It’s the one thing I can’t find a suitable recipe for anywhere on the internet. Sugared water, with gelatin or flaxseed gel seems to be the most offered suggestion, but it just isn’t sophisticated enough in function to compete with the shop bought stuff.

  • RL
    #4 written by RL 7 years ago

    Hi! This website is great! I am planning to make lotions and creams and doing researches in internet, and this website is the best. I bought sunflower liquid lecithin, olivem1000, and oliwax(Sorbitan Olivate). you’re suggesting use of lecithin with beeswax, but I am little bit worried about beeswax because my lotion will be used for baby. Is there any possible way to make lotion with lecithin and oliwax combination? I am doing some experiences with those two ingredients and failed saveral times… I am thinking about using olivem1000 if the combination I desire don’t work out at all…

  • Yuni
    #5 written by Yuni 6 years ago

    Hello Mrs 🙂 glad to meet your blog. ive not read all your post yet but my mind just think that your blog at a glance answer questions flying here (points my brain :D) since time i dont know hehe. please let me do my something with your ‘lesson’ yah. God bless aamiin….

  • rini
    #6 written by rini 5 years ago

    hello Mrs. i’ve tried to make the simple lotion as I found the recipe in internet. the ingredients are olive, coconut oil, cocoa butter n beeswax. but it is too oily for me. is there any ingredients should I add so the lotion become better and quickly absorb to my skin?
    I’m waiting for you information. thanks a lot. May god bless u…Aamiin.:)

  • Aminat
    #7 written by Aminat 2 years ago

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use xanthan gum to thicken my lipgloses.. I make lipglosses

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