Cream soap with shea butterDid you know that soap is an emulsifier? That is the way it works and cleans our skin.

Some people use it to make creams, but such creams are usually on the alkaline side (because soap is alkaline and if you lower its pH to acidic, it decomposes and is not soap anymore).

Also, not everyone enjoys these creams, but again, this is something I have to make more experiments and research about.

However, there is no problem in using such a soap cream for washing yourself!

I made this butter-rich cream soap to condition my skin in the shower, so that I do not have to use a body lotion after… and it works!
It is kind of a soap cream, with a substantial proportion of soap and Shea butter. I added also rose clay because it is one of the few clays with detoxification & dead cells removing properties that can be used on sensitive skin.
Cetyl alcohol stabilize the emulsion, thickens and is conditioning.

Usage: In shower apply as any other soap, rinse, gently wipe your skin with a towel and enjoy your soft skin 🙂



24g of 100% coconut liquid soap paste – if you use soap as emulsifier, you really prefer the potassium soap, because they are dissolving better and have much better emulsifying properties!
13g glycerin
52g Shea butter
54g distilled water
1/2 teaspoon rose clay
8g cethyl alcohol



1) Dissolve soap paste in water (let boil and remove from heat).

2) When dissolved and cold, add glycerin and Shea butter.

3) Stir well and add rose clay, mix well with blender.

4) Melt the cethyl alcohol and add while stirring to the mix of soap/butter heated to 60°C.

5) Let cool down, add preservative (otherwise have to be kept in fridge), fragrance and pour into pots.


So, did you try it? And do you like it?