How many anti-wrinkle creams have you tried? And how many of them really work for you? And if you think they do, do they really, or it is a wishful thinking?


Ok, why a post about this…


Lately I have been given a sample of a serum that according to claims dramatically reduces the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles & stretch marks… All this within 8 weeks



What the ads say and why what customers say is misleading (even when they believe it!)

The name is Power serum for Wrinkles Strivectin SD and the publicity around is really very well done. The webpage contains the description of the scientific effort put and also the before/after photos.

The formula is of course patented, which makes it  even more interesting, right? Why would they patent something that does not work, right?… 🙂

Unfortunately patenting a formula does NOT mean it works! In cosmetics industry everything is patented, just in case something comes out of it the company is the only one that will profit of it.


What I do not like is that it claims that a clinical study on 31 women was performed … and that In a consumer perception study, nearly 2 out of 3 women said that StriVectin Power Serum works FASTER and BETTER than traditional anti-aging products that they’ve tried.

Well, these are no scientific proofs at all.

First a clinical study of 31 patients is ridiculously small.

The problem with the consumer opinion is that it is highly subjective:

  • Even if you think you won’t be affected, the simple idea that you bought something for that horrible amount of money that possibly does not work totally biases your perception – it has to work!
  • Add your monthly hormonal cycle that can change your skin (at least mine) from “almost not wrinkles” to “oh my god, I look 10 years older”
  • Mix it with the fact that  all the last anti-wrinkle creams did not work and therefore we really want something that does
  • And top it with the incredibly forgetting and facts changing memory (yes, we do not remember well a lot of unimportant things)

… and voilĂ , you are perfectly persuaded that it works!

But how to find out whether the anti-wrinkle cream really works – before you buy it?


You can have a look on different reviews that are not paid by companies, like very nice review on stri-vectin.

However, the only way how to really know is to try it. For this you need a sample of the product.

Of course the sample you usually get contains only insuffiicient quantity to see the effects – othewise you won’t buy it…

Mine contained only quantity for 2 weeks…

So I said to myself – well, let’s try it, and took a scientific approach – and so should you. I have selected two similar wrinkles just above my nose and decided to test the serum on one of them.

Why only on one of them?

  • The un-treated wrinkle serves as the control – to be sure it is really the effect of the serum not our wishful thinking or hormonal cycle changes
  • The two week amount of serum for whole face will be sufficient for 8 weeks of one wrinkle treatment


Its been 7 weeks since I started… There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between the two wrinkles.


I spent nothing and know that on me this claimed miracle does not work. Worth a try, or not?


Do you have similar experience or other methods you try? Leave me a comment below!