Christmas is knocking on the door, how do you wrap your soap? Let me share with you some soap wrapping ideas I gathered across the internet…


Usually, I wrap my soap first in a cellophane to prevent the fragrance evaporation.

However, I make small holes in it so that:

  • the water can evaporate (important mainly for fresh soaps – 2 weeks old)
  • one can still smell the fragrance of the soap


I like soaps wrapped simply in the cigar style, but for this, nice paper printed with a label is necessary. Unfortunately, not very suitable if you have nice swirls or patterns to show….


Another I like is a box with window style – but for homemade I find it too complicated ….

Round soaps are often wrapped this way, however – might be the best option for all white / all one color soaps.


For this Christmas, I have made a lot of soaps and therefore I had to think about soap wrapping…
I was inspired by Mirka’s idea and wrapped that way my yogurt lemon soap, as well as the maringold soap:

For the lavender hanger swirl soap I used kind of decorative wrapping tissue I found in a hobby store:


Coconut snowball soap was more difficult to wrap so I went for a simple option of a cellophane square and natural twine.













Here are some videos I found that could inspire you! How do you wrap your soap?