Lavender Hair ConditionerMy vert first attempt of hair conditioner (coconut hair conditioner) was rather a dissapointment, because, as I found later in my experiment,  I did not have the right ingredients, : e.g. BTMS or Conditioner emulsifier.


I made this particular hair conditioner for a friend with dry but thin hair.

All other conditioners left her hair with heavy feeling, so I tried to make one lighter. However, I still used 20% of oils, which is, as I found later a bit too much.

She reported it was better than any other she had, but would prefer something even lighter.

On the other hand, I found this lavender hair conditioner very pleasant, and so I share the recipe with you!


Oil phase
10% castor oil
10% jojoba oil
5% conditioner emulsifier
10% BTMS

Water phase
20% lavender flower water
35.4% mineral water
2% Cocamidopropyl betaine (surfactant to clean it better off hair)

After the emulsion is created, add
2% lactic acid (adjusting the pH)
5% panthenol
0.6% Cosgard (or any other preservative)
6 drops EO lavender (for 100g of emulsion)

Heat the oil phase and water phase separately to 70°C. After the emulsifiers in oil phase melt, mix water phase into oil phase (you can do the other way round, however, this way all the oils are incorporated – nothing stays on the walls of your pot).  After the emulsion cools to 40°C, add the rest of the ingredients.


Enjoy your homemade lavender hair conditioner!! 🙂