Lemon yogurt soapA year ago I made Lemon yogurt soap for fresh morning!

… I love to make it often as this soap is just perfect and it seems a lot of people like it, so I decided to make it for Christmas 🙂

As you know, I am having a period of 100% olive oil soapmaking, so I did this soap only with olive oil and it is as good as the original version! 🙂



125g white yogurt (mix with distilled water)

255g distilled water

1 TBSP of salt (to make soap harder, dissolved in distilled water, BEFORE dissolving NaOH)

128g NaOH

1000g olive oil


At trace

9g EO lemon

6g EO lime

5g EO lemongrass

15g arrow root (scent fixative, any other starch of flour will work)


For instructions, see original post.

This time I did not put it in the fridge and unmolded without problems after 24 hours. Spritzed with rubbing alcohol to avoid soda ash and surprise surprise – it worked! 🙂

Tried after 3 weeks, it is perfect 🙂