You can make massage soap by simple adding mungo beans as a bottom layer of your soap.

Soap type: bar soap
Method: CPOP – cold process oven process

I was inspired by my favorite book Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch and as usually, I adjusted the ingredients according to what I had at home 🙂
This soap was inspired by the recipe Personal masseuse. 

The soap has three layers:

  • the bottom layer is made of mungo beans, which are small and smooth and make an ideal candidate for massage
  • the two soap layers are the same recipe, except the bottom one touching the mungo beans should be peeling.
  • Susan recommends poppy seeds, which I didn’t have, so I used wheatmeal.
Recipe for one layer (repeat twice)
Lye solution
Distilled water 172g
NaOH 65g
Oils and fats
Olive oil 82g
Grapeseed oil 73g
Coconut oil 145g
Cocoa butter 36g
Palm oil 127g
Shea butter 47g
At trace
Bottom layer
EO Ravensara + EO Limet 5ml + 5ml
Wheatmeal 2 teaspoons
Top layer
EO Ravensara + EO Limet 5ml + 5ml
Green mineral oxide 1 teaspoons

Mold: silicone
Mixing temperatures: lye solution 38°C for first layer, room temperature for second layer (not on purpose, I just prepared double the lye solution needed), oils 40°C

This recipe is made in two batches – first we prepare the bottom layer which is poured onto mungo beans and then, after 3 hours when this layer is solid enough, we can prepare the top soap layer and pour it on the bottom one. I prepared my lye solution for both batches at once using half of it for the bottom layer and the rest for the top layer.


1) First, I made a dense one-bean thick layer of mungo beans on the bottom of the mold.


2) Then I prepared the bottom soap layer – in thick trace I added wheatmeal and essential oils. I believe thick trace is important for two reasons: you want to have your wheatmeal or poppy seeds distributed evenly across the layer and also, you don’t want it to go under your mungo beans layer.

 Massage_soap_bar_mungo_trace  Massage_soap_bar_first_layer

3) I covered the soap and put into preheated (90°C) oven and let saponify for 3 hours. I prepared the top layer and poured it on the solid bottom layer.



4) Again I preheated oven and let the soap overnight (again the oven was turned off). Soap has passed gel phase. Here is how it looked like next day in the morning:

Massage_soap_finished_bottom Massage_soap_finished_top Massage_soap_finished_side