RoseOrchidCreamI made this cream to celebrate spring and flowers and roses and … to have something light u put on my skin.

The cream is rose not only by colour, but it also contains rose flower water and – few drops of rose essential oil (1ml cost me 39 EUR, that’s why so few).

Something so expensive must work miracles, right? However, just to be sure, I added argan oil (anti age, skin repair properties), peach oil (mainly just because I wanted to finish it, but its a good light oil!) and a bit of orchid essential oil (because it smells good!)

Most interestingly – I used emulsifier wax no.2 (from, of INCI: Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides (and) cetearyl alcohol.  It is a stand alone emulsifier – doesn’t need any additional emulsifier to work. It is very easy to work with and I love the type of emulsion it made – easy to spread and easy to absorb – perfect for warmer weather!

.. but let’s go, here is my rose facial cream recipe – elixir of youth!:


Oil phase

17% Peach oil
3% Argan oil
6% Emulsifier wax no. 2 (INCI: Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides (and) cetearyl alcohol)

Water phase
72.6% Rose water
0.09% Beetroot powder

Cooling phase
0.4% EO Orchid
0.01% EO Rose
0.2% Vitamin E
0.6% Cosgard

lactic acid for adjustment of pH


1. Sterilize all your working area, including tools and pots. Wear gloves if possible.

2. In one pot let dissolve on low heat (70°C, water bath) the emulsifier in the peach kernel oil.

3. In another pot, let dissolve beet root powder in the rose water and strain through a strainer -this is to avoid some non-soluble small pieces I found in the beetroot powder. Then heat genlty to 70°C.

4. When both phases are at 70°C, pour water phase to the oil phase while constantly stirring

5. Once emulsion forms, move the pot in cold water to accelerate cooling. Do not stop stirring.

6. At 40°C, add one after another preservative, vitamin E and essential oils.

7. Test for pH, adjust by lactic acid if necessary, so that the cream has pH between 6-7.

7. Distribute into pots.

… and use! 🙂