Soap with wheat germ oil

I wanted a very good soap with precious oils – wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter and castor oil. I added a jasmine fragrance for cold process soap.

Type: bar soap
Method: cold process
Mold: plastic transparent


I have tried also my new transparent soap mold and rather like the result, although it was a bit difficult to get the soap out of form.




188g  Coconut oil
157g  Palm oil
94g   Wheat germ oil
60g   Jojoba oil
55g   Castor oil
51g  Shea butter

  80g  NaOH
228g  Distilled water

At trace
EO Bergamot 7.5ml
Jasmine fragrance for CP   7.5 ml

Temperatures: 41°C lye, 45°C oils

Thanks to Wheat germ oil, the soap has beautiful gold color.


I used cold process method.


This was the first time I tried a mold from Milky Way Molds

I estimated soap quantity by filling the form with water and weighing.

I unmolded after 24 hours, and it was very difficult. I had to put the soap in the freezer for 15 minutes and than let in the room temperature for 10 minutes. If you try to unmold sooner, it does not work.