Dear friends, lovers and family members of the soapmakers!

You know, having this exciting soapmaking hobby indeed becomes very expensive at one point. All of us dream of many ingredients or tools that we just cannot afford all year long (or there is just not enough time to buy them).

Christmas or birthday time is perfect for suggesting you that we wish them as gifts, but.. you know, it takes out that magic of receiving something unexpected!

But how can you know what we need, if you do not understand (that much) our hobby? And maybe you just want to surprise us! We know…

Now, here is a few items which I believe your beloved soapmaker might appreciate very much…  And I will give you hints on how to choose them too!

PS: I am not paid or compensated in any way for the links provided – except for my participation in the Amazon affiliate program.

I honestly give you resources I know and believe are of good quality!


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I hope this list inspired you at least a bit and if you are not sure, you can still ask your soapmaker! 🙂