heat your ingredientsI was asked by Melanie, where I “bought the white and green little melter” from the picture in my post Glyceryl stearate – home made emulsifier.

It is the pot on the photo and I use it for heating/melting my ingredients.

I bought it from Aroma zone.

However, although the design seems unique, it is just a simple “electric chocolate melting pot“, or “chocolate melter“.

In the shops for confectioners you can also find “chocolate tempering machines“, but these are much more expensive and also bigger. Can be of interest if you produce larger batches.

More options come if you search for “paraffin wax heater” (or parrafin pot warmer).

Indeed, there are other options for melting or heating your ingredients. A simple water bath works pretty well. However, one problem is you have to supervise it and fill the evaporating water. It is also more dangerous, at every moment you risk pour the boiling water over you, or get burned by hot vapors.

A melting pot is indeed a good investment. However, after a while of using it, I would not buy this particular one again. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The pot is from aluminium. This means it is non-resistant to stronger alkali and as I found later, neither to some essential oils. It also gets scratched fast. In addition, I found I cannot use it for mixing the emulsion, as the aluminium gets incorporated into it easily (the emulsion becomes greyish)
  2. It has only one pot.  If it was my choice again, I would definitely buy a double melter
    with two pots in one. When making creams, you have to heat both phases and
    I see it as a disadvantage to have only one pot (I have to heat over a
    water bath the other phase).
  3. It does not have a lid. This is a minor point, as I found one that fits it at home. At 70°C the water starts to evaporate and it is important to have it covered, otherwise you loose too much of your precisely measured amount for the recipe.


If I am about to give out an advice on how to choose a good melter, then buy one that:

  • has a pot in inox
  • has maximal temperature, which should come up to 70°C (158°F) – the majority of waxes melts at temperatures lower thatn this one and it is also the desired temperature for emulsion making
  • has pots with handles so that you can easily manipulate them when pouring one phase to another

It is good if it has a lid and even better if it is double.


Where do you heat your ingredients? What is your favorite tool for that?